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Tomboy Fashion: A Dissertation on Justin Bieber and The Modern Lesbian

Tomboy Fashion: A Dissertation on Justin Bieber and The Modern Lesbian

Tomboy Fashion: A Dissertation on Justin Bieber and The Modern Lesbian

A.K.A., what Justin Bieber can teach us about what to put in your closet.

Welcome back tomboys to the tomboy fashion style blog! Whether your love or hate Justin Bieber, you are correct. He is a punk, and gets himself into the dumbest things that continue to make him lotsa money, but his saving grace is that he is an easy-on-the-eyes kid who looks exactly like a lesbian. And dare I say it! The boy can dress (yes, even in those pants).

Before you jump all over me, the relationship between lesbians and Justin Biebs is a curious one. There are entire Tumblr’s dedicated to lesbians who look like Justin Bieber, and entire Tumblr’s dedicated to lesbians who don’t look like Justin Bieber. 

So you can sing, “Baby, Baby, Baby nooo!” (sorry this is the last song of his I’m super familiar with and I am hell-bent on incorporating it) on taking all your style tips from the Biebs, but there’s no denying an odd relationship between tomboy fashion wear and the singer. I don’t want anyone to take away that I’m saying we should all be dressing like Justin Bieber. There should only be one Justin Bieber and only he can really pull off his look completely. So please, sweet Bieber Jesus, do not copy his look directly unless you want to look like a parade float in the middle of a vastly deserted vagina. However there are still more than a few lessons we can take away from him and even more so, his team of stylists.

To unpack this I’ve decided to turn to Justin’s stylist Kira Welch. Girrrl you have a future in styling tomboy lesbians and I will gladly take all of his gently worn shoes, pants, and blazers as my final wish in life. Call. Me! Here are the takeaways from what I can tell:

1.     Invest in blazers.  All kinds. Do it. Find a tailor, it is worth it.

2.     Don’t be afraid of denim or a pant with character that push the envelope.

3.     A simple T-shirt and jean combo is sometimes all you need.

4.     Accessories matter, from earrings to the sunglasses, hats and jewelry. This is your chance to add another layer to your look so don’t just omit them or choose how to wear them blindly.

5.     Wear that shit with swag that normal people will have to say mantras in the mirror for years to obtain, but Justin is plenty good. Too good on.

There’s no question in my mind that his outfits are built with supreme attention to detail. There is definitely a texture and layers in his style, something that us tomboys can learn a little something from too. Here are 10 Justin Bieber looks that I will totally deny liking if we talk in public, but that I think will inspire you.

And I was like Babbbbyyy babby babbyy no, like babby babby babby, maybe?!

(All Photos Courtesy of Justin Bieber Fashion Tumblr)

Rick Owens DRKSHDW ‘Sweat’ Sweatshirt in Black - $882.76


Dsquared2 Leather Lapels Silk Cotton Tuxedo Jacket in Black

adidas NEO Denim Trucker Jacket - £45.00


KR3W Sweatshirt with Crew Neck Distortion Logo - $96.54


Givenchy Two-Piece Suit in Black - $1,340.00


Saint Laurent Bold Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Adidas NEO Striped Tee - $15.00


UNIF Hellraiser’s Red Loafers - $175

Tri-Tone Canvas Rata Vulc Vans - $47


Balmain Wool Blazer in Red - $2,680.00
Balmain Geometric Paneled Multi Pocket Biker Pants in Red - $1,115.00
Del Toro Reflective 3M Slipper with Grey Suede Tassel - $209.00



LIANNA CARRERA is a stand-up comedian and comedy writer living in Los Angeles, CA. This space is what happens when a comedian runs a fashion blog. Meet SheWired's tomboy fashion blogger, here.

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