SheWired Presents: The United States of Tomboy

Hey Tomboys!

Introducing SheWired's United States of Tomboy! This blog post came from one simple Instagram comment on the photo below. Here's the post (that's me in Downtown, Los Angeles; Hello!):

And here is the comment that got this ball rolling from @wsmeier25: "California style so different than here in the heartland! ;-)"

So that got me thinking! How does style change depending on where you live? Many times I have been on the road for a comedy gig, donning my not so uncommon Los Angeles drop-crotch pants, and I get the, "You're not from around here are ya?" Someone even asked me that once at the airport. The airport!? So much of where we call home reflects how we are shaped is molded into our style.

Furthermore, what even constitutes "Tomboy" seems to have its range.

So what is Tomboy? How do we differ and how are we the same? The purpose of this post is to introduce ourselves to ourselves. From the heartland of the Midwest to the stop-and-go traffic of Los Angeles, from the beauty of Washington State to the ummmmm of Florida State. (Kidding! I grew up in FL. GO GATORS!)

Tomboys roll up our sleeves in all shapes and sizes, all walks of life, all ages and ethnicities. This slideshow provides what I think is just the beginning of some really fascinating insight. Flip through the first round of OG (original gangsta) Tomboys who have stepped up to rep their hometowns. States that participated are listed in close to alphabetical order. Presenting, the United States of Tomboy.

(BY THE WAY AND THE MOST IMPORTANTEST NOTE EVER: this is a rolling casting call. We want you to particpate and be a part of this project. Flip to the final page of the slide-show to see how you can have a chance to be featured on SheWired and involved in reppin' your hometown).

Without further ado! LET THE SLIDE SHOW BEGIN! ALABAMA is on the next page! 


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