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SheWired Presents: The United States of Tomboy

The United States of Tomboy Features Lesbians from Across the Country

The United States of Tomboy Features Lesbians from Across the Country

Meet Tomboys from all around the country.

Hey Tomboys!

Introducing SheWired's United States of Tomboy! This blog post came from one simple Instagram comment on the photo below. Here's the post (that's me in Downtown, Los Angeles; Hello!):

And here is the comment that got this ball rolling from @wsmeier25: "California style so different than here in the heartland! ;-)"

So that got me thinking! How does style change depending on where you live? Many times I have been on the road for a comedy gig, donning my not so uncommon Los Angeles drop-crotch pants, and I get the, "You're not from around here are ya?" Someone even asked me that once at the airport. The airport!? So much of where we call home reflects how we are shaped is molded into our style.

Furthermore, what even constitutes "Tomboy" seems to have its range.

So what is Tomboy? How do we differ and how are we the same? The purpose of this post is to introduce ourselves to ourselves. From the heartland of the Midwest to the stop-and-go traffic of Los Angeles, from the beauty of Washington State to the ummmmm of Florida State. (Kidding! I grew up in FL. GO GATORS!)

Tomboys roll up our sleeves in all shapes and sizes, all walks of life, all ages and ethnicities. This slideshow provides what I think is just the beginning of some really fascinating insight. Flip through the first round of OG (original gangsta) Tomboys who have stepped up to rep their hometowns. States that participated are listed in close to alphabetical order. Presenting, the United States of Tomboy.

(BY THE WAY AND THE MOST IMPORTANTEST NOTE EVER: this is a rolling casting call. We want you to particpate and be a part of this project. Flip to the final page of the slide-show to see how you can have a chance to be featured on SheWired and involved in reppin' your hometown).

Without further ado! LET THE SLIDE SHOW BEGIN! ALABAMA is on the next page! 



Meet Jessy G. of Birmingham.

Hey America! I'm Jessy G. and I hail from Birmingham, Alabama. I am the barn manager for a jumper/dressage riding academy just south of the city. I am passionate about solving life's mysteries, but even more so, caring for and easing the load of those who cross my path. Currently I am planning my next tattoo. The one item I can't live without in my closet is my spirit horse necklace because it's a reminder to hone strength and journey forward with grace and freedom.

PS Jessy, Lianna here - Thanks for participating! Alabama Football Sux (rib-jab)




Meet Sinclaire Sexsmith from Southeast Alaska

Photo Credit: Meg Allen,

I'm Sinclair Sexsmith, and I grew up in the lush temperate rainforests of Southeast Alaska. I am a writer and own a microbusiness supporting people with their explorations of sexualities, genders, and relationships through workshops, courses, and coaching ( I'm currently teaching an online course about power dynamics, Submissive Playground, for the summer, and gearing up to travel around to colleges and do guest lectures about all things queer this fall. The most important thing about my style is a really really good haircut: it makes me feel a thousand times sexier and more confident. It also helps to have a really great pair of shoes or boots. Top to bottom, I like the dapper details of masculinity, and I appreciate and value the work it sometimes takes to reconcile that with my female body.

Meet Dee Mullins of Scottsdale, Arizona
Hey America, I'm Dee Mullins and I hail from Scottsdale, Arizona. I am a Senior Enrollment Advisor for Confordia University based out of Portland. Basically I help others towards their goals which is always rewarding. My passion is for music and traveling as it's always good to get out of the AZ heat and explore new things whether in a new state or country. When it comes to music, I love all different genres. I've attended the Coachella Music Festival for the last 12 years and will continue to until I physically can't. In home life I am currently helping my sister with the new experience of motherhood with not one, but two babies! Yep, twins and it's tough work! The one item in my closet I can't live without is a nice pair of worked in vans because they just feel like a piece of me after all these years. I've had some of them through many different times in my life and they hold many memories.
Meet Zen C. of Phoenix, Arizona
Hey America! My name is Zen and I hail from the fevered desert of Phoenix AZ. I am the Creative Project Manager for a successful design agency called Mousse Creative Studios and love every working moment with our crew. My passion is helping others volumize their ideas and create brand identities beyond the scope of even their OWN vision. I live with abundance and believe in passing love, laughter and light through me onto others as much as possible. 
If there were one item in my closet I couldn’t live without, it would be my insane collection of neckties. When you work in a professional/ design driven industry that demands (even subconsciously) a powerful and fashionable appearance… 
A good tie = your apparel power source.

Meet Anne Haley of Little Rock, Arkansas

Greetings! I'm Anne Haley and I am proud to call the great state of Arkansas my home. I am a political strategist/community organizer/graphic designer and I am about to start graduate school to get my Masters in Public Service. My passion is LGBTQ advocacy and gender issues and I believe we must engage and transform our social, cultural, economic and political systems in order to ensure equity, eliminate injustice and effect positive social change. I am also currently on the board of a local non-profit working to create transitional living programs for LGBTQ homeless young adults. The one item in my closet I can't live without is my collection of blazers because I MEAN BUSINESS!



Meet "Queens & Cowboys" Star, Char Duran


Thank you SheWired for your support of Lianna's project - United States of Tomboy. It is an honor to represent my home state of Colorado. I'm Char Duran and I reside just north/east of the Mile High City - Denver Colorado but my heart and love lives in Leadville Colorado which is where I spend most of my free time. Leadville was once a thriving wild west mining town with over 30 thousand people including Doc Holiday, Texas Jack and the Unsinkable Molly Brown, but now has settled down into a small mountain community that is 10,152ft above sea level, so you can imagine the views! Currently I am a Fleet Maintenance Manager for a major rental car company, but my real life and passion is rodeo. I compete competitively on the International Gay Rodeo Circuit (IGRA) as well as Traditional (Straight) circuits. My horse (Snowball) and I are retired barrel racers and I now compete in Bull Riding and Chute Dogging (Steer Wrestling). Why Bull Riding? Well, because I suck at golf and I throw like a girl! Hahaha But all kidding aside, I am a thrill seeker and my beautiful state offers plenty of activities I love like hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and rafting but there is no thrill in the world like an 8 second ride! What other sport can make you appreciate your life one second at a time? I know most people think of Texas when they hear Cowboy or Cowgirl, but the western spirit is alive and well in Colorado. I bet you didn't know the very first Rodeo was held in just east of Denver in Deer Trail Colorado? Well it would be obvious to say that the one item in my closet I can't live without would be my boots or cowboy hat, but if I had to choose it would most likely be a hat. I usually have something covering my noggin like a ball cap, my summer straw or my dress felt cowboy hat. The only time my head isn't covered is if the occasion requires or a fresh haircut. You can discover more about me and my IGRA Rodeo Family in Matt Livadary's award winning documentary Queens and Cowboys. To learn about the film and know where it is playing please visit for details. Also, to help sponsor a Bull Rider (like me) or learn more about the sport please visit Oh yeah you can like 'em on Facebook too! :-)
May all your dreams come true 8 seconds at a time!


Meet Lindsay M. of Stamford, Connecticut


Hey everybody! I'm Lindsay from Stamford, CT. I'm currently working in television as a Media Sales Planner. I've recently started dabbling in kayaking, frankly who doesn't find peace on the water. I've also started co-producing cabaret shows and am currently working on writing a book. I seriously can't live without my sneakers; Converse, Creative Recreation or Vans. I have quite the collection.



Meet Kaci Clark-Porter of Wilmington


Hi, America! My name is Kaci Clark-Porter. My wife and I live in Wilmington, Delaware where I currently serve as the Christian Education Coordinator at an awesome downtown Presbyterian Church. When I'm not writing a sermon or planning a Sunday school lesson, you can find me perusing (where I assuage my bow tie addiction!), enjoying a little wine and cheese with friends, or camping in the mountains with my lovely wife and our pit bull, Hazel. The two fashion items I couldn't live without are my bow ties (seriously, every occasion is an opportunity to rock a bow tie...even the beach) and good hair product -- American Crew, here's lookin' at you.

(And, if I might add, my fashion icon is Molly McGinnis of Louisiana. On top of being an fabulous Tomboy, she is an incredible person!)



Meet Joan Hepsworth



Not all tomboy's are 22. I was a tomboy when girls were still required to wear dresses to school circa 1970.  My only savior was that it was Ohio.  Mom let me wear pants under my dress in the winter.  I left the pants on and ditched the dress when I got to school. I let my mother dress me for my sister's wedding when I was 21. It was what I considered my mom's last hurrah to dress me as a girl.  As you can see she forgot to give me walking lessons. I am now 49.  I'm still just as much as a tomboy as I ever was. Appropriately named Joan. Thank goodness I haven't been burned at the stake yet! Sincerely,  Joan Hepsworth


Meet Destiny Ramos of Atlanta, Georgia

Hey America, I'm Destiny Ramos and I hail from Atlanta, GA. My passion is poetry and music, mostly because of the emotion and power both can have on an individual. When I write I want to bring out some type of feeling or reaction from my audience or myself.  I am new to the city of Atlanta and looking forward to new experiences and people. Basically I'm just here to enjoy this specific chapter in my life's book. The items in my closet I can't live without are my button downs because I simply love them! Super grown & sexy if you wear it right. Makes me feel grown-upy...  Ha!


United States of Tomboy - GEORGIA

Meet Keri of Powder Springs



Hey, ladies and all of you other folks! I am from Powder Springs, GA and currently live in Atlanta, GA. I have a degree in Psychology (which I'm not using ;)) and work for an insurance company. I love animals, so I am passionate about animal rescue. I adore Angels Among Us Pet Rescue and Fur Kids (Gotta rep local charities). I am also into aggressive inline skating. It's an extreme sport that is tons of fun. I only hope that more females get involved. I cannot live without my smartphone. I know that is a cliche answer, but it has my music, photos of loved ones, etc. What can I say?! Also, comfortable shoes are a must!!


Meet Kayla Tabb of Boise, Idaho

Hi everyone! I'm Kayla Tabb, 31, Aquarius, born and raised in Boise, Idaho. My business card says, "videographer, musician, comedy and cat enthusiast." Always dabbling in a lot of creative projects, I recently launched and pitched a sitcom paying homage to my hometown and gender identity called "BOI" to NBC for a contest. One item in my closet I can't live without is a seasonally appropriate plain black hat because I cut my own hair.



Meet Lindsay McRich

Hey America! I'm Lindsey - I hail from Chicago IL but I haven't forgotten my Southern upbringing, y'all. I am a pediatric behavior therapist and studying to be an occupational therapist. I am training for my first Chicago Marathon and fundraising for Team Up! Autism Speaks. It's a cause very close to my heart! The item in my closet I can't live without is my Willie Nelson T-shirt. I'm kind of obsessed with him.


Meet Ali B. of Chicago, Illinois

Ali Borowsky here! I'm a designer based out of Chicago, Illinois, armed to the teeth with pencils, pixels, vectors and nearly everything else in between. I enjoy long walks down art store aisles, drinking in new sources of inspiration, crafting eye-catching design ( and creating captivating illustrations. When I'm not making the world more beautiful, I'm laying people out on the rugby pitch as a Center for Chicago North Shore Women's Rugby. I'm also founder/creative director at Find Your Anchor ( Simply put, Find your Anchor is a grassroots, pay it forward, organic movement all in one. Aimed at suicide prevention and awareness, it's purpose is to offer hope, resources, and inspiration to those thinking about or impacted by suicide. On a lighter note, I always, and I mean always have my longboard, bongos and frisbee in my trunk! What else does a girl need?!



Meet Tuesdae of Des Moines, Iowa


Hey America, I'm Tuesdae and I hail from Des Moines.  I work for the State Treasurer’s Office and enjoy doing anything outside, hanging with my friends and my dog Parker. The one item in my closet I can't live without are my cardigan sweaters because they go with everything.



Meet Robin of Grant's Lick, KY



Hello! I'm Robin and I'm from a tiny spot in Kentucky called Grant's Lick. No joke. I am a public librarian and love to promote literacy and equality. I have a passion for social justice. Ask me what your local public library can do for you! All for free! I  love to read short stories, bicycle to work, drive old pickup trucks, roam for antiques, and try to live by the idea that less is more. I've been a tomboy for my entire life but at some point the cowboy boots were switched out for Vans and believe it or not, I don't know a thing about horse racing.



Meet Molly McGinnis of Shreveport, Louisiana

Hey America, I'm Molly and I hail from Shreveport, Louisiana. I just graduated from a Presbyterian seminary in Austin, Texas. My passions are writing, traveling, men's fashion, meeting new people, taking pictures, cooking, and hanging out with my corgi. I am currently roving around the United States and visiting friends and family, while I look for a job. The things in my closet I can't live without are my Polo oxford shirts. I have them in almost every color! It's hot in the South, and oxford cloth keeps you cool while still giving that polished, preppy look.



Meet Eli Webster of University Park, MD

Hi America, I'm Eli and I'm from University Park, MD. I work in a few museums in Washington DC, giving tours about women's rights-I'm a professional feminist! I also play rugby for the DC Furies, it's a great team full of great people (and we're always looking for more ruggers, come join us!) The one item in my closet I can't live without is a fitted black tee (actually I have 4), they go with everything! I'm all about simplicity.


Meet Anna from Grad Rapids, MI.


Hey America, I'm Anna and I hail from Grand Rapids, MI. My passion is advocating for issues in several social justice movements -- mainly in the Disability and LGBT Rights movements. I am currently working towards my Graduate Degree in Communication with a Bachelor Degree in Sociology. The items in my closet I can't live without are my favorite pair of jeans and roughed up leatherboots because I'm a country girl at heart.



Meet Melissa of Muskegon



Hey America, I'm Melissa Mills and I am from Muskegon, MI. I am a critical care paramedic. My passion is my job because I love being able to help people. I currently am adjusting to freshly turning 40 and I am loving life! The one item in my closet I can't live without is a plain white T.shirt because there's nothing better than putting on a clean, crisp tee with a pair of comfy jeans and a hat; wearing them all while getting into my Jeep next to my girl with our dog and taking a ride. 



Meet Christy "Critty" of Soutwhest Minnesota 



Hey America, I'm Christy but you can call me Critty. I'm the blonde in the picture. The prettier one is my partner in crime. Her name is Mya. I come from a tiny town in southwest Minnesota. I am the Executive Chef at a steak house. My passion is anything I can get dirty doing; fishing, camping, kayaking, hiking through a local state park with Mya. Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy! The one thing I can't live without is my Buff because well's badass. 



Meet Anne Alexander of N.Y.C, New York


Well hey, I’m Anne and I’m from NYC, Bed Stuy specifically. I’m a part time bartender, full time hustler.  I get myself into trouble hanging around town with friends, exploring this borough on my bike and traveling as often as possible. Recently myself and two other queer cuties started an international pop music media platform you can find on The one thing I can’t live without at home is fancy bar soap, because that’s how you know you’ve made it…well in the shower at least.



Meet Arizona of Brooklyn, NY



Hiya America, I'm Arizona and I live in Brooklyn, NY. I am an art department coordinator for a CBS TV show, which basically means I keep construction and set decoration on budget throughout a season. I absolutely adore my job but outside of work, I can be found rebuilding vintage mopeds, hitting up Rockaway for a surf session, or simply enjoying a hoppy brew at the local with friends. I also am currently working on a documentary project that is in the pitching stages for various networks (fingers crossed!). The one item in my closet I can't live without shoes. All 50 pairs! 



Meet Karen from Boston



Hey there, I'm Karen from Boston MA. I'm a police officer by day and a new mom 24/7!! My beautiful wife gave birth to our baby girl 11 weeks ago and we couldn't be happier!  The doctor actually let ME deliver her! Most amazing event of my life. Boston lesbian night life is eclectic and a great time. Come visit Boston we have plenty of style here for everyone!


Meet Ginny G. of Greensboro, North Carolina

Hey America, I'm Ginny and I hail from Greensboro, NC. I work for REI and make historical leather goods with Mojo Leather. My passion is fly fishing! I also am currently planning an 8 day canoe trip with my wonderful partner. The one item I can't live without is my Native Sunglasses because, well... they are amazing. I literally don't go outside without them.



Meet Collier Reeves of Durham, North Carolina

Hey America, I'm Collier Reeves and I hail from Durham, North Carolina. I am The Director of Operations for Girls Rock NC a non-profit organization that empowers people of all marginalized genders, whether cis-female, trans, or gender-variant — through creative expression — to become confident and engaged members of our communities.  My passions are growing food and playing music because they make space to bring people closer to themselves and to each other. I also am currently in three bands, running rock and roll day camps, and a collective member of an urban farm. The one item in my closet I can't live without is my most busted pair of jegging shorts because they are so cozy it's almost like I'm not wearing pants at all.  I mean, I'm not actually wearing pants, I guess.  They're jeggings.

Meet Carolina Trindade of Akron, Ohio
Hello Merika, I'm Carolina Marie and I'm from Akron, OH-IO! I am a contributor for G.R.O.W. (Grace Refuge Outreach Worldwide) which is an organization that rescue at risk children and youth who are targets of the sex-trade industry. I am passionate about this domestic and international issue, for as stated by Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile and former first executive director of UN Women, this is a human rights issue that is fueled by such factors as, "gender inequality and subordinate positions of women and girls." I am also currently pursuing my MBA in Human Resource Management from Liberty University. I keep myself (somewhat) sane by performing covers of whatever song I'm obsessed with at the moment. The one item in my closet I can't live without is my distressed denim vest, because while layers are required in Ohio, sleeves are totally optional.
Meet AJ of Columbus
Hello, world. My name is AJ. Wherever I am, whatever that is, that is it. One of my passions is photography because I love pausing moments. Moments matter. To me, moments are art. I am part-ninja, part-wolf. This however does not pay the bills. I am currently a full time student, studying to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Social Work, with a double minder in both Philosophy and Sociology. After which, I will be going for my Masters in Social Work. I'd like to work with children, integrating Philosophy into Social Work. I am a philosophy bandit. I am also a minimalist and can live without a lot of things, especially things found in a closet. However, I have a boyscout bag. I never leave home without it. 

Meet Kate Nolan of Portland
Hey America, I'm Kate Nolan and I live in Portland, Oregon. I am a mom, a partner and I work with preschoolers. I have found a wonderful way to balance work, play and health at PDXstrength(.com) In addition to softball and yoga I am exploring things I never thought I would enjoy, like golf, running, paddle boarding and power tools. The one item in my closet I can't live without is my hula hoop. It is a great ice breaker and gets people moving.

Meet Tiffany Gibbons of St. Marys, PA. 
Hey America, I'm Tiffany and I hail from St. Marys PA, living in Pittsburgh now. I work in the Natural Gas industry.  My passion is my pets!!  I'm about 60% tattooed and always looking for ideas for new ones. The one item in my closet I can't live without is my favorite Steelers hat.  It's so faded now that its gray instead of black, but it's been through hell and back and still keeps on trucking, kind of like me.
Meet LaRoux Whitman of Lake Erie
Greetings from Pennsylvania! I'm LaRoux and I live on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie. I am a commercial insurance underwriter and I spend my free time exploring back roads on my motorcycle and taking advantage of our short but wonderful Pennsylvania summers! One item I couldn't live without has to be Chapstick, but if we are talking clothing, I couldn't make it without a black crew neck t-shirt - it goes with everything, and on those days when nothing seems to look right, a black t-shirt always does.

Meet Amy Bandy-Taylor of Charleston
Photo Credit: Eileen Broderick
Hey everybody! My name is Amy and I am originally from CT but have been living in Charleston, SC for almost 12 years. I am married to the greatest woman I know and together we have 2 dogs and a chinchilla. I work in the IT field for computer programming. My favorite piece of clothing is my Riverdogs baseball hat. It simply goes with everything. My closet consists mostly of baggy jeans and t-shirts. I've been a Tomboy my whole life and it just feels right.
Meet Carrie from Greenville
Hey America, I'm Carrie Weimer and I hail from Greenville, South Carolina. I am a logistics manager for a textile design company during the day and a photographer in my spare time. My passion is my partner and 2 daughters, photography, music and LGBT rights. Things I can't live without would be my backwards hat, my vinyl collection, and tattoos!
Meet April of Rapid City
Hey America, I'm April Tipton and I hail from Rapid City, South Dakota. I have a in home daycare. My passion is teaching my kiddos manners and respect for others. I am currently learning how to paddle board and tracking all the baseball scores. The one item in my closet I can't live without is my cream and brown cardigan and all my baseball caps. I was always the "long haired boy" and feel naked without a snapback. 

Meet Tristin Burke of Nashville, TN
Hey America, I'm Tristin Burke and I hail from Nashville, TN. I am a singer-songwriter and freelance audio engineer. My passion is making music because its powerful and has the ability to unite us despite the many things within our society that divide us. I also am currently attending an all women's college, studying special education. My dream is to use my music as a therapy to help improve the quality of life for people with special needs. The one item in my closet I can't live without is my Chuck Taylors because despite the fact that they have become a chiche, they represent rock-n-roll to me.
Meet Ashley Marshall of Austin, Texas
Hi, I'm Ashley and I live in Austin, TX. I'm a Human Resources Director but my passion is writing because it allows me to experience life through so many perspectives. I'm currently working on a novel following the lives of characters attending a women's college during different eras over the last century. The one item in my closet that I couldn't live without is not typically in my closet but on my floor, or my couch, or...really anywhere I drop them: my perfectly broken-in jeans because, I mean, hey, it is damn hard to find a pair of jeans that make you feel sexy no matter how many times you've worn them.

Meet Claire from Dallas
Hello everyone, I'm Claire Gault and I am from Dallas, TX. I am a bookseller and stagehand. My passion is music because it allows me not to have a worry in the world for a few hours. I also am currently also into gaming. The one item in my closet I can't live without is my sneakers. They are one of the few stylish things I own and provide great comfort.
Meet Alyssa Rodriguez of San Antonio
Hey America! I’m Alyssa Rodriguez and I am from San Antonio, TX! I’m a college student and personal trainer. My passion is in advocating for equal human rights and making the world aware of the injustice the LGBT community faces. I feel so strongly about these issues because I believe all humans are created equal and should be treated as equals without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity. I am currently attending college and preparing to become a certified personal trainer. The one item in my closet I can’t live without are my aviators because they make me feel even more empowered when I wear them. Like a bad ass cop or something!
Meet Erin Reed
Hey America, I'm Erin Reed and I hail from Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a data analyst. My passion is biology because, quite frankly, it's awesome. The one item in my closet I can't live without is my hoodie because it is invaluable on rainy days and during winter months. Now, if the house was on fire, I would grab the dogs first because they are really what I can't live without.

Meet Katie Duckett of Norfolk, VA
Hey, Tomboy Nation! My name's Katie and I'm holding down the androgyny fort here in Norfolk, VA. I'm a Communications Consultant by profession, so naturally I just ooze style (said absolutely no one who's ever laid eyes on me). I'm actually pretty out of touch with fashion trends; I'm a lifetime member of the Shorts and Hoodie Club, and I own a pair of flip flops that my fashion-conscious girlfriend has threatened to leave me over. In professional settings and for occasions that call for a little more spiff, I'll break out a blazer or a cardigan with a bow-tie for a Mr.-Rogers-meets-Carlton-Banks-for-brunch ensemble (I'm also a sucker for a sharp sweater vest - I have the Brooks Brothers Boys' Collection webpage bookmarked). Whatevs tho, you guys! Comfort and confidence can make anything sexy - even a sweater vest. At least that's what I fully intend to keep telling myself. At the moment my wardrobe favorite is a wooden wristwatch by a company called Earth. It's uniquely elegant, a major conversation piece AND it tells time. I dig it.
Meet Giulia of Green Bay, WI
Hey America, I'm Giulia and I'm from Green Bay, WI. I work in finance but my real passion is doing any outdoor activity - such as hiking, surfing, sailing, wake boarding, paddle boarding or deep sea fishing.  I also am currently involved in a great non-profit, CoachArt, which pairs volunteers and children with chronic illness and provides the children with free arts and athletic lessons.  The one item in my closet I can't live without would be my Sperry Topsiders since they make me feel like I'm on vacation every time I wear them.

Meet Sarah Gillies-Alvarez from Hoquiam, WA
How's it going, America? I'm Sarah Gillies-Alvarez from Hoquiam, WA. I work in a college media center and I'm a total tech geek. I'm also a part of a newly-founded nonprofit called Out & Proud Grays Harbor Coalition and we are working hard to bring LGBTQ awareness and resources to our rural community. We are planning the first-ever pride festival in our small town this August with a drag show to follow, and I can't wait! I am a hardcore Seattle sports fan, an average songwriter, and a mediocre ukulele player. The one item in my closet I can't live without is my houndstooth scarf that I "borrowed" from my dad. I never leave the house without my prescription aviators and when it comes down to my signature style, I like to include a touch of green as an homage to "The Evergreen State."
Meet Aimee of Washington, DC
Hola America! I'm Aimee and I live in Washington,  DC. By day I'm a Communications Administrator for a charter school that works with immigrant families. I'm also the president of the LGBT band organization, DC's Different Drummers ( I am in love with my day job, but music is my greatest passion. I play 7 instruments and write and arrange music with my brother. I think music is one of the greatest ways to share my heart. The one item in my closet I can't live without is a cardigan sweater. I love to layer, so whether it's a V-neck in the summer or a tie or bow-tie in the winter, I try to always have a cardigan at the ready to pair with my favorite outfits.


Meet Kris from Toronto

Dear America: I'm Kris and I am Canadian. I hail from the big city of Toronto, found in Ontario, should you ever decide to visit our amazing country. I am currently working as a momma/nanny/musician/artist/writer. My passion is loving people because people are worth it. I also am a vegetarian, and no I don't eat bacon, fish or chicken just in case you were about to ask. The one item in my closet I can't live without is my oversized tanks, because in Canada, layers are key...and allow for fashion crossover between all the seasons.


SheWired's United States of Tomboy is a rolling casting call. We have yet to fill all 50 states but would love to! If your state isn't yet repp'd (and even if it already is) and you'd like to hop on as a representative for the United States of Tomboy, email for information on how to get involved. We also recognize that Tomboys can vary from city spaces to rural places, too. That Tomboy can vary within a spectrum of a spectrum of expression as well. So if you don't see yourself reflected in someone here from your state, and identify as a tomboy, send in a submission request! We want you!
In All Things Tomboy,



Lianna Carrera is a stand-up comedian and comedy writer living in Los Angeles, CA. This space is what happens when a comedian runs a fashion blog. Meet our newest Tomboy fashion blogger, here.

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