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Ready for a Bros Sequel? Star Luke Macfarlane Is, and Hopefully Soon

Ready for a Bros Sequel? Star Luke Macfarlane Is, and Hopefully Soon

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But do we want another Bros?


Did you go see Bros?

The film was both groundbreaking and controversial. It's the first gay rom-com written by a gay man (Billy Eichner) with a wide studio release and boasted a central cast of only LGBTQ+ folks, but the content of the film wasn't quite as progressive as we hoped and the talents of the incredible cast largely went to waste. It has elicited a slew of opinions online, many folks loved it while others had valid critiques, as well as stirred up quite the conversation about representation and community. It's even had its fair share of off-screen drama.

Regardless of what you thought about the movie, it's undeniably earned its part in the LGBTQ+ film zeitgeist. So are we ready for a sequel? Luke Macfarlane, who played Eichner's love interest Aaron, certainly is.

Attitude caught up with the star on the red carpet at the UK premiere of Bros yesterday. When asked if he'd up for a sequel, Macfarlane replied, “I would, absolutely. I don’t know where we would find Aaron and Bobby… If we met them three years afterward or three months after when they have to reassess their relationship.”

If it does happen, the 42-year-old says it should be sooner rather than later.

“It has to happen soon because it took a long time to get to this point. I can imagine by the time we film Bros 2 I’ll be 50 and it’ll be a totally different movie.”

But does the world want more Bros?

The film had a budget of $22 million and has only made $11.5 million in the month since its release. While there have been many complaints and criticisms, queer audiences who actually saw the film generally enjoyed the film. So why did it flop? Eichner, costar Guy Branum, and more have blamed audiences for their failure, citing everything from homophobia to the gays simply hating on each other. Perhaps they should look at the marketing of the movie, which took some major missteps that alienated many in the LGBTQ+ community.

After all this, is it worth it to attempt a sequel? Only time will tell.

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