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Lizzo Slams Attacks on Trans Healthcare: 'These Laws Are Not Real'

Lizzo Slams Attacks on Trans Healthcare: 'These Laws Are Not Real'


Lizzo gave an impassioned speech at her Nebraska concert after an anti-trans bill passed.

As regressive anti-trans legislation sweeps the nation, Lizzo is using her enormous platform to speak out in opposition.

The “About Damn Time” singer performed in Omaha, Nebraska on May 19, where she criticized a newly passed ban on trans and reproductive healthcare with an impassioned speech.

Nebraska’s LB574 effectively bans gender-affirming care for trans youth under the age of 19, including completely reversible puberty blockers. Earlier in May a 10-week abortion ban was also added to the bill known as the “Let Them Grow Act.”

On the heels of the cruel and oppressive bill, Lizzo took time out of her concert to be a true ally.

“Anybody who comes to a Lizzo show should know that I am for people to have the right to healthcare, reproductive and gender affirming,” the four-time Grammy award winner said to a packed house.

“There’s times I get very political and as adults, we feel it. But there’s children here tonight. And it really breaks my heart that there are young people growing up in a world that doesn’t protect them.”

Lizzo went on to directly address the kids impacted by LB574, “So let me be your safe space tonight. Don’t let anybody tell you who you are. Don’t let any law tell you who you’re not, you are who you are, okay?

“I see you,” she said in a stunning show of support. “You are valid. You deserve to be here in every form. You contain multitudes. These laws are not real. YOU are what’s real and you deserve to be protected.”

But the hitmaker’s allyship wasn’t just limited to one night, she’s shown her support for the LGBTQ+ community throughout her entire career. The singer defied the Tennessee drag ban by featuring drag queens on stage with her when her tour hit the state in April. She gave an inspiring speech honoring women’s rights advocates — including a trans woman — when she won two People’s Choice Awards last year. And her latest Yitty Shapewear collection features tucking thongs and binder tops in an effort to include trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming customers.

In a hypocritical move, Nebraska State Senator Beau Ballard was in attendance at the Lizzo concert, despite voting in favor of the bill that denies trans youth and women life-saving healthcare.

Democratic State Senator Megan Hunt, who spent months filibustering in an attempt to stop the bill, called out Ballard on Twitter.

“They want LGBTQ money, They want LGBTQ entertainment, They want LGBTQ culture, But at they won’t vote to protect LGBTQ lives and safety,” she wrote.

Fellow Democratic State Senator John Fredickson also took to social media to support Lizzo, “Thank you, @lizzo, for giving Nebraska what it needed tonight.”

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