New Lesbian-Themed Emojis Will Make Your Texts Super-Gay

Every lesbian with a smartphone knows that emojis are often the best and funniest way to convey lesbian things to your friends.  However, since no emojis are intentionally lesbian we have to settle with this one, which sort of resembles schoolchildren:



Or this one, which definitely resembles ballerina schoolchildren:




Or, you know, these four in sequence:




Too far?  I don't care! 


Anyway.  Wouldn't it be great if there were some emojis that were specifically designed for lesbians, including inside-jokes, that we could send to our friends at whim?  Luckily for you ladies, my awesome designer friend Kim has made an Instagram of these very emojis for your perusing pleasure.  My favorites include the following:

As of right now, these can only be found on the Instagram page, but Kim has plans to offer them for sale as prints, and eventually make an app so that we can all download and text 'em to our lesbian hearts' desires.  For now, find her on Instagram and screenshot the photos for gay-tastic images to send to your friends.  Enjoy!

Tags: #Women

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