We're Living for the Queer Romance in the Arrowverse Crossover

Brendan Haley

This year's long-awaited Arrowverse crossover special gave us expectations for weddings, relationships, and the occasional saving of the planet, but what we didn't expect was to be saved by the romantic storyline sparked between Supergirl's Alex Danvers and Arrow's Sara Lance (aka White Canary).

Although fans are criticizing the pairing of Danvers and Lance (they feel like their relationship is a rushed, male-written depiction of the relationships of queer women), the Arrowverse writers' goal was to make sure to not pass off the female heroes' special night by devoting some much-needed time to individual character development rather than let their sexuality suffer as a passing gag.

While much is still up in the air about some of DC's most prominent female figures, it's pretty safe to say that we stan for this blossoming relationship!

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