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The 5 Sexiest Video Game Daddies We’re Thirsty For

The 5 Sexiest Video Game Daddies We’re Thirsty For

Kratos God of War Ragnarok
Courtesy of Sony

These characters will always make us want to reach for the joystick.


Video games have had a long legacy of making their female characters overtly sexy. Just look to, well, pretty much any fighting game ever for a plethora of skin-clad examples. Thankfully in more recent years, developers are getting increasingly hip to what at least a portion of their audience is craving, which, of course, are characters who are bringing the big daddy energy.

Here are five of our favorite sexy video game characters who have us feeling especially parched.

1) Geralt in 'The Witcher'


Courtesy of CD Projekt

Where to even start with Geralt? He’s a gruff, grizzled silver fox of gaming. His age is mostly a mystery, partly due to lore in the Witcher series but it’s safe to assume he is almost a century old — or maybe he’s 50. Does it really matter though? Not when he’s staying fit, traveling around the countryside, slaying monsters, and, well… getting naked in tubs.

2) Joel Miller in 'The Last of Us'

Joel Miller

Courtesy of Naughty Dog

The Last of Us is an incredible, queer-inclusive game, and we will forever love it for that. But also have you seen its co-lead, Joel? Yes, he’s a literal dad (and a surrogate dad), but he’s also just daddy AF.

Gruff, grizzled, and gravelly voiced, Joel is a certified snack.

3) Snake in 'Metal Gear Solid'


Courtesy of Konami

Also known as Big Boss, Snake is a central character in the Metal Gear Solid series. He’s been through it all. Saved the world from a Cold War? Check. Raised an army on an oil tanker to stop an all-out nuclear war a few scant years later? Check. Able to survive days in the jungle scavenging his own food and water? Absolutely (hot).

This is where we would make a “solid snake” joke, but we won’t because you already know.

4) Ezio in 'Assassin’s Creed'


Courtesy of Ubi Soft

If there’s ever been a cute-to-sexy glow-up for a game character, it is easily Ezio from the Assassin’s Creed series. This Italian stallion is central in a trilogy of games that follow Ezio from promiscuous dude to full-on assassin leading his own clan of killers. His rugged but refined daddy vibes are lethal.

5) Kratos in 'God of War: Ragnarok'

Kratos in God of War: Ragnarok

Courtesy of Sony

Alright, hear me out on this one. Not the Kratos from 2018 but the more recent 2022 version. He’s still his super grumpy self, but with a hint of change in him. After giving into more emotions than anger in this year’s God of War: Ragnarok, he hits that “I can change him” vibe. I realize now I have a definite type, and I am OK with that. Gruff, bearded men with a rough past — and arms like a literal god.

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