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Spider-Man Preview Shows New Gay Hero Flirting With Hunky Vigilante

Spider-Man Preview Shows New Gay Hero Flirting With Hunky Vigilante

Web Weaver
Courtesy of Marvel

It's time for Web-Weaver to shine!


Marvel’s first gay Spider-Man is getting his flirt on, according to the latest preview for his debut issue.

This summer, it was announced that an unapologetically gay alternate universe take on Spider-Man known as Web-Weaver would be gracing the pages of Edge of Spider-Verse #5. We’ve seen his fashion-forward Spidey suit and gotten to hear a little bit about his backstory, and now we’re getting a glimpse of something new.

In his issue, he comes across a vigilante known as Silk. In the Spider-verse we’re more familiar with, Silk is a woman by the name of Cindy Moon. In this Spider-verse, Silk is a hot dude who leaves Web-Weaver a little flustered.

The preview shows Silk swooping in and taking down some low level goons before Web-Weaver can get to them, then inviting him to go on patrol with him — all while blatantly flirting.

“Sorry, you were saying something about masks being sexy?” Silk asks.

“Doesn’t the steamy anonymity thing get old, Silk?” Web-Weaver replies, as Silk crooks his finger under the hero’s chin.

Writer Steve Foxe also teased the panel, giving fans a hint that “this version of Silk is *not* a gender-flipped Cindy Moon. But you’re not far off the mark with that guess!”

What exactly that means and what, if anything, becomes of Silk and Web-Weaver’s brief flirtatious rendezvous in the preview remains to be seen. Fortunately, Edge of Spider-Verse #5 hits shelves Wednesday, October 5.

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