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How Lenny Gerard Got His Music Heard

How Lenny Gerard Got His Music Heard

How Lenny Gerard Got His Music Heard

Read about Lenny's struggle and how his hard work paid off. 


When I was 18, I moved from sunny California to the “Big Apple” (New York City). I was inspired to move there since my favorite musicians made their start there. I knew it would be a tumultuous struggle but ultimately leading to success. I had a dream and wanted to pursue it.

I spent countless hours every day trying to connect with producers—networking and meetings. I posted Craigslist ads for artistic collaborations, giving my demos to DJs and college radio stations. I worked with students in my school to make music videos, producing electronic music in my small Brooklyn apartment. I followed the old adage “I’ll sleep when I die.”

 In 2012, I started working as a staff photographer for Island Def Jam Records and had the pleasure of working for big names such as Bon Jovi, Iggy Azalea, Fall Out Boy, Trey Songz, and August Alsina. I assisted in the production of music videos, took photos from back/onstage, and created unique album covers. My passion to create visual art and photography was being fulfilled, but working with these international recording-artists propelled me to try that much harder to get my music heard.

After five years of attending open mics and performances, my music didn’t get the exposure I wanted. I decided to stop writing songs for others and write songs for myself.  I realized art is a vehicle for making something beautiful out of darkness. After a bad relationship and breakup, I wrote a song about it. The song was biographical and the lyrics based on reality. People started to notice my new focus.

I wrote and co-produced the dance-pop track “Feel Me Now” and made it into a music video that was featured in film festivals and numerous publications internationally. Check out the exclusive interview with The Huffington Post about the music video. It was made to raise awareness. The video was shot at Los Angeles’s Hotel Cortez, best known as the setting for “American Horror Story: Hotel.” My life has not been the same since its release. Before, nobody was listening to my music—it was a struggle to get noticed. Now, I couldn’t be more grateful.  

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