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Exclusive: The Winners of For The Love Of DILFs Season One Bare All

Exclusive: The Winners of 'For The Love Of DILFs' Season One Bare All

Gordon and Mateo, Stormy Daniels, Nathan and Bobby
Courtesy of OUTtv

PRIDE sat down with the couple voted ‘most likely to succeed’ to talk about catching feelings, house drama, and what happened next.


For the Love of DILFs made a splash the moment it was announced (and it’s already been renewed for a second season). After all, what could be more fun than watching two groups of gay men cross generations to flirt, make out, and maybe even find love? What many perhaps didn’t expect was just how nuanced and heartfelt the show would prove to be.

Sure, there were sexy, silly challenges and its host Stormy Daniels brought plenty of camp and wit to the proceedings, but the men weren’t afraid to get real about their feelings and the show often explored more pressing topics than jockstraps (although those featured heavily as well) like consent, communication, sex work, and ultimately love.

For the Love of DILFs cast

Courtesy of OUTtv

By the end of the season, two couples had truly connected on a deeper level: Bobby and Nathan, and Gordon and Mateo. So, when the rest of the cast (minus one notable exception) arrived back in the mansion to cast their final votes for who they saw as the “most likely to succeed,” they had a tough choice ahead of them.

In an emotional finale they did just that: the votes have been cast, the jockstraps have been packed up, and the doors have closed at DILF Mansion (for now). And of course, we officially have our first-season winners. PRIDE sat down with them to get all the tea on what really went down in DILF Mansion, catching feelings, and what’s next for the couple.

Major spoilers for season one of For the Love of DILFs follow.

Mateo and Gordon

Courtesy of OUTtv

After a tight vote that almost came down to a tie, Gordon Osborne and Mateo Escobar were chosen by their castmates to come out on top. The two may not have started together, but they quickly paired up and never looked back — even when it stirred up some drama.

You guys went through a very unique experience together, that must have formed quite a bond.

Gordon: Mateo was the only person in the house that I fully trusted, because even though you’re making friendships and stuff along the way, it’s a game at the same time. And we’ve all seen reality shows before and how people play strategically. So yeah, I think that bond of trust within the house was formed. And outside the house, I think we’re just kind of working at it and seeing where it goes as far as a friendship.

Mateo: I feel the same way. When we were at the house, Gordon was my getaway. I feel like there was a lot of drama in the house, and I couldn’t trust anyone besides Gordon. So I think that’s actually why we didn’t get involved in that much drama because we were just being there for each other all the time.

Mateo and Gordon

Courtesy of OUTtv

Speaking of drama, Gordon, you had quite the confrontation with Tokeyo when you decided to move on with Mateo, how was that moment for you?

Gordon: When we first met, we were kind of like, ‘okay, we can roll with this and see where it goes.’ And we both knew we weren’t connecting on a very intimate level at all.

I think both of us were kind of looking for an out. I maybe took the first step on our first date at the picnic. In a nice way, I was like trying to dump him I guess. [Laughs] Or at least give him a heads-up like, ‘this isn’t really working out for me, I’m gonna choose someone else.’ And he didn’t take that very well.

When we had our little fight, or whatever you want to call it, I was honestly just stunned throughout the whole thing just watching the way he was reacting and rolling around on the pool table and stuff. Whether that was his defense mechanism, I don’t really know.

Throughout the time that we spent in the house, it was awkward at first and then you can kind of tell we both just like let it go. And in the finale, he ends up voting for me and Mateo so we eventually worked it out somehow right?

Gordon and Tokeyo

Courtesy of OUTtv

Mateo, you had your confrontation with Tony Cannoli when he paired up with Jeffrey, and you said you felt his connection wasn’t real.

Mateo: I just feel like, if you’re gonna make a connection with someone — just don’t fake it. If that makes sense.

Gordon: He even grilled me on that…he’s like, like, Are you for real? Do you just like playing a game right now?

Mateo: How do you want to make a real connection when you’re not being real? That’s just my whole point.

Was there a moment when the two of you knew you wanted to be together?

Gordon: I mean, he is the cutest! [Laughs] So that helped. It was very organic. You could kind of tell I wasn’t happy with Tokeyo. I think you were with Big Tony and you guys weren’t necessarily jiving.

In a show like this, where it is also a competition, you’re also thinking, ‘okay, if I’m not working out with this person, who am I going to go with to stay in the game when it’s that early on? Right?’ So it just kind of organically happened that way.

Mateo and Gordon

Courtesy of OUTtv

Do you feel like there were people there who weren’t in it for ‘the right reasons’ or were people open to love?

Gordon: Whether they were open to it or not, I think everyone was there to grow some sort of following. [Laughs]

We stan an honest king!

Gordon: But yeah, I think there were genuinely people who were looking for [love].

So let’s talk a little bit about the finale. Tell me about what you were thinking at the moment that you realized that you guys had gotten the votes.

Mateo: I was a little bit surprised because they had four votes at first and we had one. So in my mind, I was already like, ‘we’re finished. I don’t think we’re gonna win.’ But then it picked up pretty well with the votes. Obviously, to me, we deserved it. [Laughs]

Gordon: All of us were trying to tally up in our heads who got how many votes and I thought it was a tie. So I thought we were going to like the next round, the tiebreaker. Then [someone] shouted ‘you guys won!’ It was kind of surreal.

Watch PRIDE’s full interview with Gordon and Mateo below.

After the show wrapped did you guys immediately make plans to get together? Have you been able to see each other in person?

Gordon: Well, the night that we finished filming, we got the hell out of the house and got a hotel room. [Laughs] Which is good. Life was a little bit crazy for a few months. I was able to get down there on both of our birthdays on the same day. So I flew into Fort Lauderdale for our birthdays, and we, you know, had a little pool party and that kind of thing.

Speaking of hooking up. It’s a very steamy show. There are a lot of beautiful people in the house. I’m curious after the cameras went down at night, is anybody hooking up?

Gordon: I won’t throw them under the bus, but there’s people that hooked up for sure!

Anyone who would surprise us?

Gordon: Yeah.

Mateo: Yes! [Laughs]

Mateo and Gordon

Courtesy of OUTtv

OK, OK, you don’t have to name names. I am curious though if you self-identify as a daddy or a himbo.

Gordon: No, I don’t. I’m used to chasing daddies and not being one. So, it was like a mental shift for me in the game that I sort of touched on, I guess in some places to like, consider dating someone younger. Because usually, like I said, I’ve been going for older men.

Mateo: I am a proud himbo. I do like older men!

The show has been picked up for a second season. Do you have any advice for the next round of daddies and himbos?

Gordon: Just be yourself. Honestly. I think the more you turn it on for the camera, that people will pick up on that and I think just be yourself.

Mateo: Knowing who to trust. Go with your intuition. If somebody doesn’t seem right or something doesn’t feel right, then you should watch out for it.

Gordon and Mateo

Courtesy of OUTtv

So, now for the million-dollar question: Are you still together?

Gordon: I think what’s kind of came out of this is just a really great friendship. Yeah, that’s where we’re at right now.

Do you have plans to see each other again?

Mateo: We haven’t planned anything yet. But we have a really good connection and I will definitely be happy to meet him again. Either here or in Canada. I will be open to that, for sure.

Gordon: I always say to anyone that’s not in my area: You’re just a plane ticket away.

Edited throughout for grammar and conciseness.

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Rachel Shatto, Editor in Chief of, is an SF Bay Area-based writer, podcaster, and former editor of Curve magazine, where she honed her passion for writing about social justice and sex (and their frequent intersection). Her work has appeared on Elite Daily, Tecca, and Joystiq, and she podcasts regularly about horror on the Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Network. She can’t live without cats, vintage style, video games, drag queens, or the Oxford comma.