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This Burger King Ad Shows Why Bullying Persists

This Burger King Ad Shows Why Bullying Persists

This Burger King Ad Shows Why Bullying Persists

A social experiment drove home the point in a PSA from Burger King that has gone viral.


An anti-bullying ad from Burger King released last week is still being shared and praised for its impactful message.

The ad shows a kid being picked on at a Burger King as customers do nothing to intervene. Then, it shows those same customers quickly complaining when their burgers “get bullied.” Only two customers say anything to the actual bullies. One is out actress Fawzia Mirza.

The skeptics among the internet started doubting the authenticity of the woman who intervenes. Out trans actress Jen Richards spoke up for Mirza online, vouching for the fellow actresses’ character. “She’s a dear friend and this is exactly how she would behave in this scenario, without hesitation," wrote Richards. "This is who she is.”

Ad Week named the PSA its “Ad of the Day,” writing that “Bullying is a seemingly intractable problem, but there is one simple thing you can do about it. If you see it happening, you can step in and try to stop it. Burger King, of all brands, makes that point saliently in a new ad from David Miami timed to National Bullying Prevention Month.” Ad Week wrote that the ad “vividly demonstrates a sad truth about bullying—that bystanders would often rather not get involved.”

Out Olympian Greg Louganis got political in his response, noting that Melania Trump had promised to make stamping out bullying a key part of her agenda as first lady.

Those who were bullied, like Aisha Tyler, praised the ad: “As a kid who was bullied, this PSA had me in tears. Please share. And please, stand up.”

Out CNN commentator Sally Kohn enthusiastically thanked Burger King for doing the PSA, writing on Twitter, “This made my whole week. Thank you @BurgerKing!!!!!!”

The ad has become such a pop-culture moment that it has even made its way to Kim Kardashian West, who cheered on Twitter, “Good job Burger King! This legit made me cry!"

Watch the video:


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