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One of the most talked-about celebrities of our generation, Kim Kardashian is a social media powerhouse. Who else do you know can turn a sex-tape scandal into a huge million-dollar empire with her family? No matter how you feel about her, you can't deny Kim K. has extraordinary hustle. The reality TV star is now a mother of one and wife to hip-hop icon Kanye West. Plus, she is also one of Caitlyn Jenner's biggest supporters. Is there anything Kim Kardashian can't do?

Jeffree Star Says He Isn't Dating Kanye West Because He Likes Tall Men

The beauty guru (who is 6' 1") took to his YouTube channel to address the online rumors that he and the rapper (who is 5' 8") are a thing.

Tyson Beckford Defends LGBTs Against Kim K., But He's Not Gay, Okay?

"I support LGBTQ, even though I’m not gay. It’s just the human thing to do."

Taylor Swift and the Never-Ending Feud from Hell

Look What You Made Me Do is adding fuel to the fire of the dumbest feud of the century.

These Realistic Dolls Will Blow Your Mind

From gay icons like Madonna and Beyoncé to Winifred Sanderson and Belle, these dolls are so real it's crazy.

Nikki Weiss and Jill Goldstein's Open Letter to Kim Kardashian

Hollywood power couple Jill Goldstein and Nikki Weiss-Goldstein (former stars of The Real L Word) have something to say to another woman on reality TV — Kim Kardashian — on the news that Kardashian’s million dollar marriage has ended after 72 days.