Watch: The Elusive Republican Lesbian Unicorn Speaks Out in Defense of Romney

Watch: The Elusive Republican Lesbian Unicorn Speaks Out in Defense of Romney

The ever-elusive lesbian Republican ‘unicorn’ has been getting plenty of airplay lately with the NY Times feature two days ago calling them a rare breed. Now, MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts has captured one of the unicorns just long enough to give an on-air interview.

Log Cabin Republicans Program Director Casey Pick explains to Roberts just why she, her group and other lesbians opted to endorse Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, a ticket that did not support marriage equality, civil unions, the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act for women, women’s reproductive rights and workplace non-discrimination, to name just a few gems.

Pick, holding firm in her belief that Romney was the right candidate tells Roberts, “Lesbian voters, like all Americans, are multi-faceted voters, and when you speak about the potential for a fiscal cliff and the damage to the economy, we’ve considered the economy when we made our endorsement decision.”

The Log Cabin Republicans lesbian spokeswoman went on to say, “And lesbian voters… Well, when you’ve got an economy that’s sluggish, when you’ve got high unemployment figures, a population that suffers from potential discrimination in 29 states is going to look hard at who they think is going to make the best decisions for the economy.”

But don’t take it from us! Here’s the elusive lesbian Republican unicorn in her own words.



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