Saudi Arabia is Slowly Showing Women in Textbooks -- SLOWLY

Saudi Arabia is Slowly Showing Women in Textbooks -- SLOWLY

While we're over here complaining that the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM doesn't fill our pie holes (cupcake holes?) fast enough, students in Saudi Arabian are just now being introduced to the concept of seeing women in textbooks.

Featuring women in textbooks have been banned since 1926 in the country's public schools, Jezebel reports. But now, a third-year high school textbook includes a photo of a nurse "wearing a headscarf and a medical mask while preparing an injection." The textbook then asks students to discuss the changing role of women in certain traditional occupations. Another section of the textbook had to be changed after the initial printing because it featured a young woman standing in a lab, but her face was not covered.

To be clear, this is just an experiment. The Saudi Arabian government will later decide whether showing women in textbooks should be a real thing (you know, because it is, pretty much anywhere else in the world), so don't get your hopes up. This kind of radical behavior might encourage girls to -- gasp! -- feel like a vital part of public society. At least this is a start, right?

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