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Kordale and Kaleb Call It Quits, Now No One Believes in Love Anymore

Kordale and Kaleb Call It Quits, Now No One Believes in Love Anymore

Kordale and Kaleb Call It Quits, Now No One Believes in Love Anymore

Remember Kordale Lewis and Kaleb Anthony, the two “hot Instagram dads” that broke the internet after a picture of them doing their daughters’ hair went viral early last year? Well, much to the dismay of the entire world who now no longer believes in true love, the two have reportedly just broken up. *cries deeply*


According to reports from Love B. Scott, a long (and now deleted) post on Kordale and Kaleb’s shared Instagram account helped announce their journey to splitsville.  

"Loving someone should be easy," writes Kaleb (who now wants to go back to orginal spelling of his name, Caleb). "You should never have to compromise your morals when you’re with your soulmate."

Although the post doesn’t go into specific details about how or why the internet famous couple have called it quits, we’d be totally lying to you if we said that he didn’t feel heartbroken by this. They looked to be the perfect family!

As a matter of fact, just recently, the two fathers talked to our sister site The Advocate about their thoughts on the whiteness of commercial gay marriage and their family's inclusion in Nikon's diverse 'I Am Generation Image' campaign.

"To be black and gay is a different feeling and experience," said Kordale.

"I think when Nikon chose us, an African-American gay family, to be spokespersons in the 'I Am Generation Image' campaign, it opened up a lot of eyes and ears and gave us a voice to be recognized with equality and understanding. Letting folks know that 'Hey, these are people that have the same things, wants, and desires that any other normal couple would have.' Whether you are white and gay or black and gay. It’s the same thing. The fact that they shed light on that is so phenomenal."

We’re not the only ones feeling some kind of way about this news. It seems that everyone on Instagram and Twitter has also lost their faith in meant-to-be romance…



Are you as sad as we are about Kordale & Kaleb's breakup news? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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