Powerful New Axe Ad Challenges Toxic Masculinity, Asks 'Is It Okay to Experiment with Guys?'

Taylor Henderson

Axe is challenging what it means to be a man in a moving new commercial and initiative, #FindYourMagic

Partnering with Promundo to look into what real-life men were searching on Google, Axe incorporated the eye-opening results into a powerful new advertisement. It features a diverse range of men asking questions about their identity and masculinity. "Is it okay for guys to not like sports?" "To be depressed?" "To experiment with other guys?"

"If thousands of guys have searched the web for answers, a million have thought it," the YouTube description reads. "It’s time to stop questioning what defines masculinity, because there’s no one way to be 'a man.' Just be you."

Axe is partnering with Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying organization, to launch a digital network supporting men struggling with toxic masculinity. Rik Strubel, Axe’s Global Vice President, told HuffPost, “We believe guys should embrace what makes them truly unique and authentic. Our aim is to create a healthier, more equal world by reaching men and women with this message.” 

Watch Axe's statement-making advertisement below.


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