Every Hidden Message in Katy Perry's 'Chained to the Rhythm' Video

Alexander Kirk


Katy Perry has never been one to shy away from a political statement, publically endorsing Obama and Hillary during their respective elections, while continuing to passionately promote the ideals of equality and feminism year-round.

In the case of her new single and its accompanying music video, it’s no different…it’s just a bit more subversive. The music video, which is a wonderland of pastel and high fashion, depicts a honky-dory amusement park with a dark twist. Watch the video below and see how many hidden political messages you can find.

We spotted a whopping 15! Did we catch them all?

0:03 — A theme park called ‘Oblivia’

0:22 — Comments on everyone’s obsession with social media

0:30 — Cotton candy shaped like atomic bombs

0:42 — Katy pricks her finger, showing that even if everything appears perfect, it isn’t what it seems

0:48 — Roller coaster separated by gender, enforcing a heteronormative lifestyle

1:07 — An amusement park rides depicts houses falling, referring to the housing market crash

1:20 — Everyone’s obsession with social media gratification

1:30 – The sign says 1984, a possible tie to the novel 1984 which depicts a dystopian society where people are constantly monitored

1:37 — Katy’s male counterpart gets a much higher validation score for doing the same thing as she, a woman, does

1:46 — ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ ride throws people back over a fence – an obvious allusion to Trump’s immigration ban/wall

1:50 — The ‘Bombs Away’ ride shows a flurry of falling bombs

2:15 — 'Inferno H20' seems to comment on the world’s dependence on oil and its impact on not only the environment but also our own bodies

2:39 — A hamster wheel that a white man seems to successfully navigate proves incredibly difficult for a black man and an Asian woman who both fail

2:50 — Katy is the only one able to see passed the ‘Nuclear Family’ video being played to see the darker truth behind it

3:46 — Katy successfully beats the hamster wheel; hope for the future? 

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