Dua Lipa 'Horrified' as Chinese Police Drag LGBTQ Fans Out of Her Show

Taylor Henderson

During her concert in Shanghai last night, "New Rules" singer Dua Lipa was brought to tears as Chinese police forcibly removed fans from their seats, reportedly for simply waving rainbow-colored Pride flags. 


One video also shows Dua Lipa's visibily shocked as she realizes what's happening.

As PinkNews points out, some venues in the country do not allow fans to stand up during performances. It appears as if some fans were removed for standing while others were removed for waving Pride flags, both violently.

Homosexuality is legal in China, but LGBTQ citizens have no anti-discrimination protections and the government often censors LGBTQ media and events. 

A tearful Dua Lipa tried to keep cool on stage as the drama was unfolding in the audience.

"I want us all to dance, I want us all to sing, I want us to just have a really good time. We’re not here for much longer, just a few more songs, but I would like us for these last few songs to just really, really enjoy ourselves, how about that?" she said.

The pop singer issued a statement on Instagram earlier today for her LGBTQ fans:

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