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Kehlani Teams up With Justin Bieber for New Song ‘Up at Night'

Kehlani Teams up With Justin Bieber for New Song ‘Up at Night'

Fans are already obsessed with the bop.


Kehlani and Justin Bieber joined forces for a new track that dropped Wednesday morning, and fans are already deeming it a bop.

The song, “Up All Night,” sees the two singing about being consumed by thoughts of the other person. “At the end of our days / I’ll run back thoughts of you,” Kehlani sings, before turning to the chorus: “Thoughts of you keep me up at night.

“It’s about having a healthily obsessed relationship,” she said in a statement. “You’re telling someone, ‘I love you so much it keeps me awake at night.’ I love what Justin did, and it’s such a fun one to dance to.”

Fans seem to be picking up what they’re putting down, already applauding the new single online.

This isn’t the first time Kehlani and Bieber have put their talents together to come up with a collab for all of their fans. The Biebs released “Get Me” back in 2020, which saw Kehlani take over the second verse much like Bieber does in “Up All Night.”

If this song is anything to go by, the two should probably try collaborating even more frequently. But in the meantime, we’ll keep waiting for Kehlani’s upcoming album, Blue Water Road, scheduled to drop on April 29.

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