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PrEP is awesome. People who take Truvada, the only drug approved so far for use as PrEP, as directed (once a day) are more protected from HIV than with diligent condom use — PrEP has proven to be 99 percent effective at preventing HIV infection, regardless if you wear a condom or not. A study published in September 2015 found that among 600 gay and bisexual men on PrEP, not a single new case of HIV was reported after more than two years of study. Pride has all the latest updates and info on the groundbreaking new drug.

Michael Henry Tackles the Death of Condoms in the Era of PrEP

"I've had gonorrhea in my butt three times this year!"

What Drugs Aren't Safe To Take While On PrEP?

It's important to speak to your doctor about all medications you're taking, but these should be no-brainers. 

11 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Be On PrEP

Truvada is your friend.