We Need to Talk About This Week's Eliminated All Stars 3 Queen

Praise for this Week’s Eliminated AS3 Queen
Zachary Zane

I’ve always liked Thorgy. I think her looks are polished, despite being more clown-y. She’s kooky. She’s different. She’s experimental. I’ve also seen her live. She’s funny as all hell, which may not come off as well on TV. Despite being a lovable queen, she’s also an impeccable reader. (Do not come for her at one of her shows. I’ve seen her annihilate hecklers.)


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Now I don’t want to further perpetuate any of Thorgy’s conspiracy theories or add any voice to her inner saboteur, but I will say, I think she got the short end of the stick by being assigned the role of Stevie Nicks.

And while Shangela slayed as Mariah Carey, undoubtedly deserving that win, Mariah Carey is a significantly easier role to play. Why? Because Mariah is a TRUE diva. She has her iconic over-it attitude along with major pipes and major breasts.

When I say name your favorite divas, when do you say Stevie Nicks? Does she make top 12? Does she even come up?

I would have liked to see Shangela play Stevie Nicks, or anyone else, for that matter. She doesn’t have the same pizzaz or exaggerated features as some of the other legendary icons. That’s not to say Thorgy did great as Stevie. I don't think she did, but I do think the deck was stacked against her.

(Similarly, I think Nina Bonina Brown would have absolutely destroyed as Blac Chyna. But the show creators have folks who they want to shine, and at the moment, it was Shea.)

Right now, it seems from the edits that All Stars wants Trixie and Shangela to shine. (Notice how they seem to have more one-on-one time with camera confessionals than everyone else). Milk has a lot of camera time too, but not because she’s going to be in the top 3 (at least I don’t think so). I think it’s because they’re setting her up to be this season’s villain.  

And they’re doing a pretty good job at it. I’ve already seen a few hashtags for #sourmilk.

But that’s the nature of reality television. Thorgy knew it going into the competition, just like all of the other competitors. At the end of the day, it’s not about who’s the best, it’s about who will bring the most eyeballs to TV sets. Sadly for Thorgy, the show runners didn’t think it was her.


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