Watch: Lesbian Couple Denied Marriage License in South Carolina

Watch: Lesbian Couple Denied Marriage License in South Carolina
Sunnivie Brydum

As part of the Campaign for Southern Equality's We Do Campaign, a lesbian couple from Piedmont, South Carolina applied for a marriage license — and were subsequently denied — on January 11. And CSE was there to capture the entire conversation on camera — including a straight couple's attempt to use biblical verses to shame the same-sex couple standing in line behind them, implying the lesbian couple do "that which is unseemly."

Ivy and Misha have been together for nearly two years and live together just outside of Greensville, S.C., according to the couple's biography on CSE's We Do Campaign homepage.

"We stand up not only for ourselves, but also for those who can’t," write Ivy and Misha. "For the teachers who could lose their jobs for participating in this action with us due to discrimination. For the people who don’t have the strength to come out yet. For the people who have lost their lives to the same beliefs that these laws are founded in. The belief that LGBTQQI people are less than human, that we are second-class citizens, and that we are somehow less than equal. We know that this is just not true. We know that there is nothing wrong with us. And we know that all LGBTQQI people deserve full equality under federal law. This is why we must stand up and resist these unjust laws, and we won’t stop until we realize that equality."

Meet the couple below.

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