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Washington State Proposes an Initiative to Begin Taxing Same-Sex Couples

Washington State Proposes an Initiative to Begin Taxing Same-Sex Couples

Washington state Governor Christine Gregoire signed the Everything But Marriage Bill into law on May 18, 2009. It was this simple stroke of a pen that assisted in ending years of inequality for Washington state same-sex couples. The "Everything But Marriage Bill" afforded equal protection under the law to Washington state same-sex couples that were previously non-existent.  Just like its name, the "Everything But Marriage Bill" was designed as an alternative to allowing gay marriage rights to the LGBTQ population.  Naming "gay marriage" the "Everything But Marriage Bill" worked for the people of Washington state.  Now, however, there is a new problem facing LGBTQ folks in the Pacific Northwest.  His name is Uncle Sam.

Washington state does not currently have a state income tax. The November elections might actually change this fact. At this time, there is a proposal in Washington state legislation to begin taxing married couples who earn more than $400,000 annually. Since same-sex partnerships are not considered marriages in Washington state by name, they should be excluded from this legislation, correct?  Not quite.  See, the language in Initiative 1077  finds a sneaky way around "coupledom" and the word "marriage" by proposing to tax "individuals" earning more than $200,000 annually.  You can do the math here...$200,000 plus $200,000...why, it equals $400,000!  Let's call Initiative 1077 "Sneaky McSneaky" and get it over with, shall we?

How will Washington's Initiative 1077 affect you and your family?  Let us know here!

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