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20 Cartoon Shows With Awesome LGBTQ+ Characters

A whole new generation of young, queer kids is getting the representation and visibility they need in their fave series!

22 Cartoon Shows With Awesome LGBTQ+ Characters

These characters are so good, they make us feel like a kid again.

WB Teases Chaotic ‘MultiVersus’ Game With Awesome New Trailer

Move over Super Smash Bros, a new crossover fighting game is nigh.

Cartoon Network Breaks Down Gender Pronouns in Cute New PSA

The beloved TV network is doing awesome and inclusive work!

20 LGBTQ+ TV Shows That Are Ending (or Got Cancelled) in 2020

One Day at a Time, GLOW, I Am Not Okay With This, Stumptown, & The Society are just some of the many things 2020 has taken from us...

8 Queer Couples Costumes That Haven't Been Done to Death

You can twin with each other, but we'll help you avoid accidentally twinning with any other couples this Halloween.

Cartoon Network's Anti-Racism PSA Features an Adorable Queer Moment

Garnet of Steven Universe saves the day again!

Steven Universe: End of an Era Gives Us One Last Look at Iconic Series

The upcoming book is a love letter to the beloved, queer-inclusive Cartoon Network show.

Rebecca Sugar Reveals Cartoon Network Tried to De-Gay Steven Universe

"They told us point-blank, 'you can’t have these characters be in a romantic relationship.'"

'Steven Universe' Go to Therapy Challenge

The final episodes of Steven Universe: Future are nigh, but will Steven let actually let anyone save him?

This 'Steven Universe' Farewell Video Will Have Fans Emotional AF

The beloved, history-making, LGBTQ-inclusive series is (sadly) coming to an end.

It's Over, Isn't It: 'Steven Universe' to End With Final Ten Episodes

"It has been an eye-opening experience to meet the community that has come together around the show," eulogized creator Rebecca Sugar.

Meet Shep, Indya Moore's Nonbinary 'Steven Universe' Character

The Pose star is joining the ranks of Steven Universe: Future

'Steven Universe' Season 6 Has a New Name and Theme Song

And Steven can drive!

'Steven Universe: The Movie' Trailer Promises Biggest Threat Yet

And then we get season six, right?

Cartoon Network Confirmed This 'Steven Universe' Character Is Intersex

The beloved animated series keeps getting more and more LGBTQIA+ inclusive!

Steven Universe Movie Will Be a Musical Featuring Chance the Rapper!

"Steven thinks his time defending the Earth is over, but when a new threat comes to Beach City, Steven faces his biggest challenge yet."