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Watch This Christian TikToker Attempt An LGBTQ+ Gotcha & Get Hilariously Trolled Instead

Watch This Christian TikToker Attempt An LGBTQ+ Gotcha & Get Hilariously Trolled Instead

Christian TikToker Trolled In Person Too Bad
Images: tiktok @shaneyyricchh

Now THIS is how you shut down trolls IRL! Gurl you TRIED IT!


This Christian Tiktoker really tried it! Our favorite part is when he's practically begging for an answer. That's not how this works Mary!

“LGBT Rights or Economic stability?” That was the “gotcha” question that TikTok user Shaneyyrichh tried to ask a random stranger while walking on his college campus —but all the Christian TikToker ended up doing was embarrassing himself on his own account.

In a recent TikTok, Shaneyyricch, who’s hobby is going around to strangers to ask them questions about Trump and other conservative issues while trying to catch them off guard and make fun of them, approaches a young man on campus while wearing a shirt that says “My pronouns are Find/Jesus.”

In the video, Shaneyyricch completely made himself look like a fool when he tried to force a young person on campus to choose between LGBT Rights and Economic Stability.

“Why can’t you have both?” the unnamed person asks.

“You need to pick one,” Shaneyyrichh says.

“I refuse the question,” the student then says.

“You can’t refuse the question.”

“I do,” he replies.

“But you need to pick one, I just said you did,” the TikToker says, eliciting a chuckle from his target.

“So what?” the student laughs.

This icon, a young man wearing a leather jacket, jeans, and sandals and sporting a great ponytail, continued to shut down the TikToker, confounding him with simple facts about the real world like, “I don’t have to pick one because you can have both.”

When the TikToker shifts a little bit and asks if he favors “gender inclusivity or economic stability,” the legend replies “you can have both,” one more time.

When he’s told “that’s not a valid answer,” the student can only smile and reply, “too bad.”

Eventually, Shaneyyricch got tired of looking like a fool and said goodbye to the student, hopefully learning that two things can exist at the same time.

Watch the whole exchange below.

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