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Anti Trans Activists Given Full Access to Twitter

Anti Trans horror

Elon Musk is turning Twitter into Parler.

“BREAKING: Anti-Trans Propagandist Abigail Shrier was one of a "team" given access to unknown number of records on Twitter's moderation decisions by owner Elon Musk.”

“The "team" being given extensive and unfiltered access to Twitter's systems”

“.@elonmusk, yes or no — do Weiss and Taibbi have access to users’ DMs? It would be good to get clear explanation about this screen and yes/no answer to this straightforward question.”

“lol wait this shows Libs of TikTok got special treatment from Twitter DO NOT TAKE ACTION ON USER”

“Bari Weiss confirming what we all knew, Libs of Tiktok was given special preferential treatment despite her account breaking the rules several times. Despite Bari's claims, LoTT was removed from search on November 19th.”

“What? Bari Weiss misrepresenting stuff to fanboys to make a big conspiracy out of something that is clearly not a big conspiracy? How... not surprising.”

“I wonder what changed between October 2022 and November 2022 that meant a tweet doxing Chaya Raichik wasn't moderated. What an incredible self own.”

“This isn't journalist access. This is bringing on a minister of propaganda.”

“@44 @emptywheel In other words, Ella Irwin (who took over Trust and Safety from @yoyoel) is likely the logged in account for those screenshots.”

“"Now, Weiss has been given access to Twitter's employee systems, added to its Slack, and given a company laptop, two people familiar with her presence said. The level of access to Twitter systems given to Weiss is typically given only to employees..." 

“God, it’s come to this! I am agreeing with @kayvz, whom I usually yell at for all manner of Twitter fuckups over the years. But no executive I ever talked to ever denied de-amplifying accounts for various violations, tho using the word shadowban sounds more sinister.”

“Business translator: “Secret group” aka public company management, who are described in all regulatory filings in copious detail, whose job it is to deal with such sensitive issues and — stick with me here since it is apparently murky to some — run the company.”

“This entire thread from Weiss, and supposed exposé on Twitter's 'secret blacklists,' is exactly what @elonmusk says his current content moderation policy for Twitter is!”

“And who, pray tell, was owner of Twitter on that date? 🤔”

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