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THE Look: Simple Summer Wedding Attire

THE Look: Simple Summer Wedding Attire

This summer, I plan to crash as many same-sex weddings as possible. But don’t worry, I’m a wallflower. You know, the kind that’s planted right next to the buffet. So if I show up to your wedding, don’t fret; I won’t break anything or steal your moment. Promise.

My Instagram makes me look outgoing and extroverted, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. You can’t trust a photo. But, you can trust my fashion sense and style, and I can help you find THE Look for wedding season.

Dressing well for weddings is the best gift you can give your betrothed friend; no gift registry required. When you dress for a wedding, your look should express how happy you are for the couple and the occasion.

Here are some classic pieces you should add to your wedding wardrobe:

The Look


Tuxedo by Salvatore Ferragamo (Custom Fit)

Personally, I prefer a navy tux. Navy is legit because most people wear black, so you’ll stand out from the crowd. Normally, I wear black, but every now and then, I change it up and rock navy. Just trust me.

Shirt and Shoes by Dior Homme
At the last wedding I attended, I sported a simple white shirt and classic black shoes, and it looked great. You shouldn’t wear anything too snazzy to a wedding — you wouldn’t want to take attention away from the brides or grooms.

Tie by Gucci
Apparently, hipsters everywhere think bow ties are “back.” Don’t fall for it! Stick to a tie and make sure it’s of quality. A Tie by Gucci is perfect for any occasion, and you can wear the same one to different events.

The best accessory for any outfit is a smile. Put your phone down, be present and connect with the people around you. Your smile exudes confidence and makes you more attractive, so flash it frequently.

Tip: Spend less on your tuxedo and use the savings on tailoring. Nothing looks sharper than a perfectly fitted suit.

Photos by Kyle Krieger

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