Walgreens Embraces 'All Gender Identity' Bathrooms After Cis Woman was Denied Access

Brendan Haley

Pharmacy store chain Walgreens has recently altered its bathroom policies after an incident with a cis woman who was barred from using the ladies room.

Jessie Meehan, a frequent customer of Walgreens, stopped by the store last year before heading to LA Pride. After asking for the bathroom, Meehan was denied access based solely on her apperance and was told that she not only appeared masculine, but that she had to use the men's bathroom instead. 

Jessie, who is a cisgender woman and not transgender, was deeply concerned by this encounter and proceeded to contact management to file a complaint. After no response, she got the ACLU of Southern California involved, directly contacting Walgreens and issuing a letter bringing to light their concerns, stating that California law "protects every person’s right to access restrooms based on their gender identity in workplaces, schools, and business establishments."

The drug store agreed to make necessary changes company-wide, and has since adopted a "Transgender Inclusion" policy allowing customers to use their corresponding gender identity restroom.

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