Troye Sivan Just Dropped Another New Song and We're Not Crying Shut Up

Troye Sivan
Taylor Henderson

Just one week after sending the gays into a meltdown with 'My My My,' Sivan has dropped another song off his upcoming LP ahead of this Saturday's SNL performance. 

The new track, titled 'The Good Side,' shows Sivan yearning and remorseful. Sivan sounds very Sufjan Stevens-esqe as he wistfully sings of an old romance, and how he used the love of this former relationship to help his music, then express regret in how he handled everything.

"The people danced to the sound of your heart/The world sang along to it falling apart," croons Sivan. "But I sympathize, and I recognize/And baby, I apologize/That I got the good side."

No word on when Sivan's second album is coming, but another song titled 'Strawberries & Cigarettes' will be featured in the gay teenage rom-com Love Simon soundtrack, due March 16th.

Catch Troye Sivan on SNL this Saturday! Listen to 'The Good Side' below:

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