This Trans Man's Adorable First Date Is Just What We Needed for Valentine's Day

Taylor Henderson

On a recent episode of the UK reality show First Dates Hotel, a transgender man went on his first date with a guy. 

Nick, a pansexual trans man from Glasgow, Scotland had never dated another man before. "I've dated my fair share of women, but I'd love to date a guy," he said. His date for the night was Lewis, a cis gay man from the same city.

Sparks flew between the two as they bonded over geek culture, their nervousness, and growing up in Glasgow. While chatting, Nick decided to come out. 

"I'm just gonna tell you, right? I'm trans."

Surprised, Lewis replied, "Wait, really?

Yeah," says Nick. "I used to be female, now I’m fully male."

Nick went on to explain a bit about his upbringing, transition, and how his family took the news. "I got to my teens and I started to realize something was not right." He told his dad at the dining room table, who accepted him instantly. "I was just waiting on you to tell me," his father replied.

Lewis listened attentively, finding Nick's confidence attractive. "If it means anything, I think you're really handsome."

Nick pays for the check to Lewis' delight, and the two share a kiss before adorably parting ways. My heart!

Watch the clip below. 

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