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The First Batwoman Trailer Is Here and It's Gay AF

The First 'Batwoman' Trailer Is Here and It's Gay AF

The First 'Batwoman' Trailer Is Here and It's Gay AF

Kate Kane has an ex-girlfriend and we already ship it.


The first trailer for The CW’s Batwoman is here and we are SO BEYOND READY.

We’ve already known that the show would be the first about a lesbian superhero, but it’s clear from the trailer that they aren’t shying away from Gotham’s new savior’s sexuality.

The pilot centers around Kate Kane (aka Batwoman) returning to Gotham City after her ex-girlfriend, Sophie, is kidnapped by the Alice in Wonderland gang while working for Kate’s father and his security company.

According to the synopsis, Crows Private Security has protected the city as a militia ever since Batman disappeared three years earlier. With Kate’s return, it will be up to her to take up the mantle of the Bat and save Gotham City — obv.

The trailer also gives us a flashback to Kate and Sophie getting outed as being in a relationship while in military school, leading to Kate’s dishonorable discharge, as well as a slight moment of reunion between the two while Kate is in full superhero costume — though it’s very likely Sophie doesn’t know who she is in that moment.

Batwoman will star Ruby Rose as the titular hero, with Rachel Skarsten playing her Joker-esque nemesis, Alice. Ex-girlfriend Sophie is played by Meagan Tandy, though it’s unclear as of yet whether she will be the ongoing love interest or not.

The show is being produced under Greg Berlanti and showrunner Caroline Dries. It will be the fifth DCTVU show on The CW considered part of the Arrowverse.

Check out the trailer below to get hyped up for the premiere this fall!


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