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The L Word: Generation Q 107 Recap: Everything's Coming Undone

'The L Word: Generation Q' 107 Recap: Everything's Coming Undone

'The L Word: Generation Q' 107 Recap: Everything's Coming Undone

Sophie gets a call from the hospital, Bette's opponent throws out a smear campaign, and Alice's throuple faces some serious hurdles.


After yesterday’s episode, we’re only one ep away from the season one finale of The L Word: Generation Q. But fear not, queers! It’s already been renewed for season two. But we still have questions that demand answering — Will Bette and Tina get back together? Who will cheat first, Dani or Sophie? Can Alice’s throuple actually work? Let’s find out!

Previously, on ‘The L Word: Generation Q’…Bette had a major campaign setback which led to her reconnecting with Tina, Sophie and Finley shared a series of weird moments while Sophie and Dani grew farther apart, Alice convinced Nat they can make this whole throuple thing with Gigi work, and Shane agreed to jump on the baby bandwagon with Quiara.

You can read our full recap of episode 1x06 here.

And now, onto 1x07 "Lose It All"...


Alice takes center stage for the og gang this week, juggling her new throuple with drama at her show. She’s ready to convince the network to drop bro writer Drew from the line-up next season, but when she confronts the head honcho about it, he lets her know there might not even be a next season. Her ratings have been declining and she’s on the bubble. With one episode left in the season (how meta), they’re hoping for a viral video to pull the show out of the quicksand — and it just so happens creating viral moments is Drew’s specialty. Alice is still immensely reluctant about him, as he clearly doesn’t understand the show or her vision, but desperate not to lose her platform, she agrees to hear his ideas.


If things are iffy at work, they’re even worse at home. Gigi’s been around more and more, and at first Alice feels like it’s a positive — she’s color coordinating closets, running the kids to school, and making their lives so much easier. But when Alice can’t make it to dinner because of the network meeting, Gigi and Nat end up hooking up without her. She walks in on them post-coital and is surprised and hurt by the exclusion, though clearly neither of the other women realized it would be a problem. Alice hightails it to Shane’s, where she’s forced to finally make amends with Bette after spending the whole episode still angry at her for keeping Alice in the dark about Felicity. After a couple days, Nat and Gigi ask Alice to meet up. They’ve worked through a bunch of their issues and want to give their throuple another go. But the damage is done, and Alice feels completely locked out of the relationship (which has clearly continued without her around) and storms out.


Sophie receives a devastating phone call at the start of the episode — her grandmother has fallen and is in the hospital unconscious. Dani offers to go with her, but Sophie insists she head to work instead. Once at the hospital, Sophie tries to be the rock for her mom and sister, but breaks down on her own. In a twist we all could have seen coming, Finley shows up, being the supportive gal pal Dani should have been. When Sophie complains about Dani not being there, Finley is quick to remind her that she told her not to come, and in a pivot back towards religion, offers to pray with her. She stays with Sophie all day, and ultimately brings Dani back to the hospital with her that night. But after Dani bounces in another work-related emergency, Finley and Sophie share a moment and Sophie kisses her. She later confesses to her sister, and declares she absolutely can’t tell Dani. But she’s definitely going to have to tell Dani.


Tina’s still in town, and asks Bette if the two of them can do dinner on their own that night. Bette invites her over and does all the cooking, clearly hopeful something might come of the date-like situation. But after Tina says she’s looking for a place in LA so she can be near Angie during hiatus, Bette offers up a spare room in their house. Aaaaand Tina tells her that she’s engaged to someone named Carrie. They’re looking for an apartment…together, and Tina wants Bette’s help in letting Angie know. Bette is obviously heartbroken but tries to hold it together and be supportive, showing just how much she’s changed from the original show. Could this really be the final nail in the coffin for our og couple?


While we don’t get a rousing speech from mayoral candidate Bette Porter this week, we do get to see Bette stick to her morals when her opponent decides to run a last minute smear campaign against her. Dani is insistent they prepare a negative ad campaign to counter his attack, but Bette puts her foot down. Repeatedly. Because Dani is really stubborn. And it’s obvious Dani comes away from it all the more impressed with Bette.


Shane and Quiara head over to the hospital to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Naturally, Quiara is jazzed about it, but Shane doesn’t really feel anything, and in typical Shane fashion, that makes her freak out. First, she takes it out on Tess during a meeting about how the bar is doing (answer: mmm, not great, but Tess thinks it’ll be fine), and Tess reminds her she has to talk this through with Quiara, over and over again. Later, Shane nearly stands Quiara up for dinner, but catches her just as she’s storming out of the restaurant. She admits that she didn’t feel anything over the baby’s heartbeat and that scared her. It’s something she doesn’t know how to fix. But Quiara tells her there’s nothing to fix, and she has every confidence Shane will feel everything she’s supposed to whenever she’s supposed to feel it. Problems solved, for now.


Micah’s back in this ep, and his mom is visiting! She swoops in, all excited to see her baby boy, and ready to meet his new boyfriend. They hook up with José for lunch, and that’s when things start to go south. Mom does what all moms do, and starts pulling out stories and photos from when Micah was a little kid — or as she says “a little girl.” Micah gets pissed and storms out, only for José to follow him and calm him down. He lets him know that he sees him for the man he is now, and everything is going to be okay. Later, Micah’s mom apologizes for not doing better, and promises she will try. And gives her stamp of approval in regards to José — it’s obvious what the two of them have is real.

lword_107_end.jpgThe drama is certainly heating up with only one episode left. Will Bette win the mayoral race? Will Alice compromise her values to get a second season? Does Shane already regret signing on for a baby?

Next week, on The L Word: Generation Q...

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Rachel Kiley is presumably a writer and definitely not a terminator. She can usually be found crying over queerbaiting in the Pitch Perfect franchise or on Twitter, if not both.

Rachel Kiley is presumably a writer and definitely not a terminator. She can usually be found crying over queerbaiting in the Pitch Perfect franchise or on Twitter, if not both.