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The L Word: Generation Q 106 Recap: The Unexpected Return of Tina

'The L Word: Generation Q' 106 Recap: The Unexpected Return of Tina

'The L Word: Generation Q' 106 Recap: The Unexpected Return of Tina

Bette threatens to drop out of the mayoral race, Finley and Sophie get drunk, and Angie confesses her feelings to Jordi.


Tina is back!!!

After months of believing Laurel Holloman would not be returning to check in on her ex-wife and daughter on The L Word: Generation Q, the latest episode brought her right to Bette’s literal door. The original show’s original couple, reunited. But where will they go from here?

Previously, on ‘The L Word: Generation Q’…Bette broke things off with Felicity, but wound up engaging in a very public confrontation with Felicity’s husband that threatens her whole campaign, Quiara told Shane she’s pregnant and wants to get back together, Alice, Nat, and Gigi tentatively began a throuple situation, Rebecca broke things off with Finley, Finley and Tess hooked up after Tess started drinking again, and Dani and Sophie continued to have communication issues.

You can read our full recap of episode 1x05 here.

And now, onto 1x06 “Loose Ends”…


Bette’s world is in utter disarray after she pushed Felicity’s husband down the stairs while defending Angie. The stress of Alice’s disappointment that she was kept in the dark and not being able to take Angie to get her driver’s license because the press is hounding her every move drive Bette to drop out of the race. But when she goes out to speak to them, she’s confronted by Tina, waiting on her doorstep.

Over the course of the episode, the two talk through some of their issues — how Tina felt Bette never made space for her the way she does so naturally for Angie, and how hurt Bette was that Tina didn’t even come to Kit’s funeral. While they don’t necessarily reach a resolution, it’s obvious they’ve both grown, and there’s still something there between them.


Bette is eventually convinced not to drop out of the race, mainly by Angie, and she finally reveals to the press that her sister died of a heroin overdose. Apparently Kit got addicted to pain pills after getting into a car accident, because nobody at the hospital ever asked her if she was an addict, they just prescribed pills anyway — and that’s the broken system Bette wants to fix.

And here’s the real kicker of the episode — when it’s finally time for Tina to return to her TV job up in Toronto, Bette tells her she loves her and asks her to stay.


In the land of the throuple, Gigi outs the three of them to a server when they’re out to lunch, pissing Nat off and leaving Alice stuck in the middle. Gigi just wants to know where they all stand, as she says she has no interest in going back in the closet. After she leaves, Alice and Nat talk it out, and Nat reveals her feelings for Gigi are complicated, but she knows that she loves Alice, and she doesn’t want to hurt her. Alice says she’s fine, and she trusts her. They call Gigi back and apparently finally tell the kids, as an ending montage features all five of them cuddled up in bed together.


Finley & Tess wake up naked and hungover at Dana’s. Finley goes right back to drinking, but stumbles when she realizes Tess was supposed to be sober. Later that night and back at the bar again, Tess reassures Finley that nothing has to be awkward and that it’s not something that’s going to happen again. Of course, nobody notices that Tess is still pouring herself drinks behind the bar.


Finley hops over into a storyline with Sophie, who’s still bummed out that Dani isn’t as open with her as she wants her to be, while Finley is still depressed over being dumped by Rebecca. They decide to have a bro night, and get drunk over at Dana’s. More than once, it seems like a very drunk Sophie is going to make a move on Finley, who doesn’t seem interested in encouraging it. They eventually fall asleep together on the couch.


Dani’s doing damage control for Bette throughout most of the episode. Pierce is jonesing to quit after feeling betrayed by Bette, and after Dani gives a rousing speech about how inspiring Bette is, Pierce tells her this is clearly about something else for her, and peaces out, presumably for good. After a similarly enthralled speech to Bette about how she has the power to change people, because “you changed me,” Dani finally calls it a night and heads home. There, a drunk Sophie confronts her, demanding she talk about her day, and not taking “I’m tired” for an answer until things escalate to yelling. And so the trouble continues for our main Gen Q couple…


Shane, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be having any problems with love. She and Quiara accompany Angie to her driving test, and after Angie passes, Shane lets her drive them anywhere she wants to go. They wind up at Jordi’s house, and Angie asks them how you know if you’re in love. It sparks a cute story of how Shane and Quiara first met, and how Quiara knew she loved her. They encourage Angie to go tell Jordi how she feels, and fortunately for all who believe in young love, Jordi feels the same way, and they kiss in front of her house. Spending time with Angie has Shane tentatively agreeing that she and Quiara can try to work things out, new baby and all.


Whew! This one was a doozy. With only two more episodes to go, who's to say what kind of crazy drama will happen next. Will Dani finally cheat on Sophie with Bette? Will Finley get back together with the hot priest? Will Tina stick around? Hopefully we'll find the answers to some of our questions next time, on The L Word: Generation Q...


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Rachel Kiley is presumably a writer and definitely not a terminator. She can usually be found crying over queerbaiting in the Pitch Perfect franchise or on Twitter, if not both.