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Relive Your Messy Queer Dating Life in Platonic Web Series

Relive Your Messy Queer Dating Life in 'Platonic' Web Series

Relive Your Messy Queer Dating Life in 'Platonic' Web Series

In case you need a reminder of what the dating scene was like pre-pandemic...


Dating sucks, that's no secret. First dates range between the rare perfect evening, to the far more likely and moderately uncomfortable cringefest. If and when you make it past the first date, feelings get involved, and it only gets more complicated from there. From creator Erin C. Buckley comes Platonic, a digital series about the many kinds of messy relationships that hits all the hallmarks of queer millennial's dating life.

"Set in a memory of New York City just before the pandemic, Platonic follows Olive (a gay Brooklynite) and Billy (her straight best friend) as they look for love and document their search via voicemail messages to each other," the official description reads. "This 10-episode series juxtaposes the radical intimacy and hazy boundaries of non-romantic relationships with the sexual fluidity and emotional ambiguity of modern dating."

Platonic gives us glimpses into quite a few different relationships; Olive juggles unrequited romances, bicurious straight friends, and a budding new romance while Billy deals with homophobic dates, an internal interrogation of monogamy, and coming to terms with simply being alone. 

The series takes an honest look at dating in your 30s and all the messy, awkward, lonely, steamy, confusing, and sensual moments that come with it. A beautifully shot, poignant, and relatable look at dating pre-pandemic (something many of us sorely miss right now), Platonic is a sharp reminder of what we have to look forward to once we get out of this mess. 

All 10 episodes of Platonic are available on YouTube now. Watch the first episode below.

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