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Relive Your Messy Queer Dating Life in 'Platonic' Web Series

In case you need a reminder of what the dating scene was like pre-pandemic...

'Hello Stranger' Gives Gay Filipinos the Content They've Always Wanted

PRIDE sits down with the cast of the popular web series to chat about LGBTQ+ representation in the Philippines, what "kilig" means, and more! 

Two Bottoms Don't Make a Top in New Dramedy 'The First'

Relive all the hilarious (and sometimes heartbreaking) relationship firsts in this new gay web series!

'Matt & Dan' Season 2 Is Officially Here to Serve Up More Laughs

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the hilarious (and outrageous) web series is back for another round!

We Need This 'Gay Mean Girls' Series in Our Lives

Mean Girls, but then make it gay.

Biphobia Is Still an Issue—and 'Queering' Is Here to Talk About It

A series talking about older queer women, coming out later in life, and the ever present issue of biphobia.

Eleanor Roosevelt Leaves the Closet & Time-Travels in New Web Series

In First Lady Problems, a fed-up feminist is stuck in a rut until time-traveling Eleanor Roosevelt appears in her closet. 

This New Web Series Shows the Dating Struggle for Queer Women Is Real

Lauren Augarten's Same Same shows the complexities that can come from the seemingly shallow world of digital dating.

8 of the Best New LGBT Web Series of 2016

We’re so glad these groundbreaking LGBT stories were told.

Meet Your New Fave, Danny The Manny Star Patrick Reilly

If you haven't watched Danny the Manny, you're about to fall in love with this adorable web series and its charming leading man.

'DANNY THE MANNY' Is the Queer Web Series You've Been Waiting For

Crossdressing kid? Gay babysitter? Drag queen housewife? Oh my! 

This New Queer Web Series Is Your Crossdressing Childhood

When a gay babysitter finds out the kid he's watching crossdresses - what's a manny to do?