Man Dodges Armed Robber's Bullets to Protect His Louis Vuitton Bag: 'He Can Pry It Out of My Cold, Dead Hands'

Taylor Henderson

One fearless Michigan man went to extreme lengths to protect his $1,700 Louis Vuitton bag. 

As Jerad Kluting walked down the quiet Holland Township street, NBC4i reports an armed robber came up to him with a gun and demanded his most prized possession.  

"It happened very fast," said Kluting. "In one motion he took the gun out of his waist belt and with the other hand put up a bandana over his mouth and pointed, was like, ‘Give me your bag.'”

The robber fired two warning shots, but Kluting believes the third shot was aimed to kill. Luckily, he missed.

"I was like, ‘You’re not getting my Louis Vuitton.' I worked very hard for this and this bag I’ve had forever and it means a lot to me," said Kluting, pointing out how hard he worked and saved up to afford the bag that is no longer in production. "I wasn’t about ready to relinquish it to some thug that was going to demand it from me.”

While police discourage people from struggling with an armed robber to avoid escalation of the situation, Kluting has no regrets with how he handled the situation.

"It means a lot to me. … It represents me." Kluting added, "As my grandmother would say, if you’re born to hang, you’ll never drown.”

The Louis Vuitton has even more meaning to Kluting now. 

 "I got my bag!" said Kluting. "He can pry it out of my cold dead hands."

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