How Do You Get Revenge on Homophobic Harassers? Glitter

Homophobes Get Dunked With Glitter By A Gay Man They Attacked
Brendan Haley

Nick Hurley, a gay man from Manchester, England, was berated with verbal homophobic abuse while he walked home with bags filled with glitter.

According to local news reports, Hurley was called a "f****t" out of the windows of a passing car, and instead of taking the abuse, Hurley decided that the best course of action was to get revenge on the homophobes using, you guessed it, the glitter he was carrying.

Hurley followed the car to a traffic light where it had stopped, where he proceeded to empty his bag of glitter through the car's open passenger window and on to the homophobes inside.

Word to the wise: don't be a dick to people. You never know how much glitter they've got on them. 

Tags: #Viral, #LGBT

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