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WATCH: New Web Series Scissr Depicts 20-Something Lesbians in Brooklyn

Tracy E. Gilchrist

Social media takes center stage in the new lesbian-themed Scissr, a web series about a group of 20-something lesbians living in Brooklyn from creator Lauren Augarten.

“When I realized I was a lesbian at 24 I soaked up all the lesbian shows I could find, but there weren't many available and I didn't feel like they really reflected the community I was discovering,” Augarten writes in a release. “With Scissr I set out to create something that I could relate to as a 20-something lesbian in the beautiful cesspool of struggle that is Brooklyn, NY.”

The series synopsis is as follows:

Aviva, Corey, Emily and Niamh are four twenty-something lesbians from very different backgrounds. Aviva (Lauren Augarten) has just come out and is hoping to connect with the other lesbians online, while Corey (Paulina Singer) has just gone through a traumatic breakup and is ready to swear off women altogether and Emily (Kelly Sebastian) is constantly looking for the next best thing. Navigating life and love in Brooklyn is easy for none of them, but when they meet through an iPhone app, the girls realize they have much more in common than they originally thought.

Trans actress Jamie Clayton – in her first cisgender role -- plays Niahmh, the “gatekeeper” of the series local queer watering hole the Scissr. Clayton has previously appeared on HBO’s Hung as well as on VH1’s TRANSform Me with Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox. Three of the series stars are out actresses including Augarten, Sebastian and Alisha B. Woods.

Watch the series pilot below! 

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