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Lost Girl Recap 4.3 - Suck, Blow, and Jump! 

Lost Girl Recap 4.3 - Suck, Blow, and Jump!

Lost Girl Recap 4.3 - Suck, Blow, and Jump!

If you were busy with the holiday week like we at SheWired here, here's Bo totally doing her thing!

This week on Lost Girl we finally got Bo back to her appropriate plane of existence, some ghosts sorted out their issues and Dr Lauren and her terrible hair got some succubus-free action.  This episode really started to feel like things were happening rather than just preparing to happen and it was a welcome change.  “Lovers. Apart” felt like the start of something more than just dubious grammar and I hope it's a sign of things to come in this season.

The episode opens with Dyson and Cleo materializing on the ricketiest train to ever float on nothing where Dyson is immediately struck with “transcendental sickness.”  Frankly it seems irresponsible to jump planes in this day and age without taking a pill for that first.  Fortunately Dyson had an elemental to blow in his ear and make it all better.  Because of course that's how it works.

Before we can consider the ear-blowing therapy, a ticket man finally appears in the carriage.  Unfortunately he is the worst at sharing information and declares all stops the same.  Dyson asks the informative old gent if he's seen Bo and the train immediately appears to hit a patch of turbulence.  It's basically like a hyena when you say “Mufasa.”  You guys, if it turns out this is taking place inside a hyena I am out.  Unless Jeremy Irons is involved.  The ticket guy looks like he just heard Jeremy Irons coming and high tails it out of the carriage as Dyson tests his theory that it's got the succubus-shakes.

In an exceptionally green forest we find Bo running in bare feet and I'm not sure if she's channeling Bella Swan or the entire cast of Picnic at Hanging Rock but she is really working that white dress.  She stumbles upon a quaint old-looking house and does perhaps the best arm flailing I have ever seen from an action heroine.  I think we're seeing why she's generally more of a strutter.

Bo arrives in the house just as a family are arriving for a night there.  They stumble upon our disoriented hero and the teenage daughter instantly turns from bratty complaining mode to beating a fae with the frypan she just acquired.  Sorry Bo, she might be my new favorite.

After the opening credits we visit Lauren's old apartment where an air conditioner repairman discovers her documents hidden in a vent.  Dirty feet progress across the floor towards him (there is a definite foot theme this week that I'm really hoping the writer has had a chance to discuss with his therapist since then) and the man makes the worst mistake of his life by referring to Evony, former leader of the dark fae, as “young lady.”  She reminisces with him about the piano she could have used to make him a star before reducing him to a pile of goo.  If you're wondering if that was figurative, it was not.  He is a pile of goo.  On the floor.

Evony turns around and shows off her new pirate chic style.

Crystal arrives at work for the day to find Lauren has reorganized the serving area.  She is such a nerd you guys!  Just in case you weren't clear on that she makes a joke about the proximity of the vinegar to the baking soda because SCIENCE LOL!  Crystal tells Lauren “you're hilarious” in the way you do when someone you like is not even a little bit funny.  She then proceeds to all but mount Lauren while reaching for sugar until the doctor/waitress (doctress?) says she can't.  Whether this is due to her feelings for Bo or simply her unwillingness to dry hump behind the diner counter this early in the morning is unclear.

Bo awakens to the sternest mother daughter knitting club since that time I lost the coveted yarn cup and was subsequently disowned.  The mother introduces herself as Kathy and her “energetic daughter Julia.”  Bo notices the father outside walking backwards along a rope line with sneakers tied along it.  Kathy says this is “an old Jenkins family superstition.  Makes for a fun weekend!”   

Bo's inner succubus shows its face and voice as Bo hears a voice declaring “kill them, kill them all,” just as daddy Jenkins enters.  Energetic Julia responds with “can you not look at my dad like he's made out of hot dogs?!” and a winking and finger guns combination that I'm sure should annoy me rather than being endearing.  Bo says Julia reminds her of her best friend which maybe explains it.

Daddy Jenkins (whose name we learn is Ian) grabs Bo by the arm and silences his family's protests with a yelled “girls!” which I take is not him sharing his appreciation of Lena Dunham.  Bo asks if she can use the ladies room before she is returned to the forest of improbable greenery.

Back on the worst party train ever Dyson identifies Bo's room by smell and the presence of a blissed out maid on the bed.   The maid informs them of both Bo's kissing prowess and her absence along with the ominous comment that “he's going to be so angry when he finds out.” 

Dyson responds with his usual grace and cool head by kind of roaring Bo's name until the rear door flies open.  There's a big bad wolf joke here somewhere.  The pair find a scrap of Bo's dress and Cleo informs us that if she jumped the transcendental sickness will kill her without an aural elemental intervention.  They wave the scrap in the air like a tiny parachute and leap from the train themselves.

It seems asking for a bathroom break is the Jenkins' secret password as Bo now freely explores the house, even wandering as far as a mysterious cell in the basement.  Eventually the family notices and Bo is confronted by Ian with a shotgun and Kathy holding Julia.  Both parents say that they are protecting Julia from a ghost who comes every year to kill their family.  No Jenkins knows why the ghost has it in for them and Julia sincerely doubts its very existence.  She does however insist that Bo join her in the cell for the evening as I start to wonder about the jailbait status of this new friend. 

Ian and Kathy have a strict one person per cell policy and feel it would be better if Bo return outside with the ghost of Jenkins past.  Kathy hilariously says “Ian, what if she goes outside past the shoes and the knots?” but Ian is not swayed. 

Everyone's favorite druid Massimo (as I have been informed it is spelled) has been summoned by Captain Evony to replace her missing eye.  Luckily he brought his jar of eyes with him today!

Julia is quietly chilling in her cell, thinking up witty one liners when Bo enters and starts looking like she's suffering from mad cramps.  After an awkward moment where Bo accidentally calls her “Kenz,” Julia gets out the beautifully made Jenkins family murder scrapbook.  She reveals that her father survived his own dad shooting the rest of his family when he was only nine.  Julia fears there is something within the family that causes this madness, Bo vows to protect her and together they leave the cell.  I hope they don't walk past the shoes and the knots!

Cleo and Dyson land and while Dyson uses his nose, Cleo informs him her friend Lazy John was buried in this same forest by monkeys.  In any other show that might be the strangest part of this scene but Lost Girl has so much more to offer.  Namely Lazy John himself, who remains buried aside from his face and tells them Bo came through the previous night.  He won't reveal the direction the succubus went in without payment.  Cleo removes her shoe and offers him her foot but this subterranean slacker only has eyes (and tongue) for werewolf toes.  We are thankfully spared the foot bathing visuals and as they leave I agree with Dyson that “we shall never speak of this again.”

We finally learn the purpose of the shoes when Bo and Julia leave the house.  The theory goes that the ghost cannot pass until she has tried on all shoes and untied all the knots.  I hate to go past potential used footwear hauls either but maybe this ghost should talk to a professional about this.  “A ghost can't jump inside your body if you're walking backwards, I mean duh” Julia informs Bo as she shimmies backwards under the shoes and turns to run.  This is clearly the moment that both Bo realizes they're dealing with a body jumper rather than a ghost and said body jumper jumps right on in to Julia.

Back inside the house the Jenkins parentals are less than thrilled when Bo returns their newly collapsed daughter and Ian immediately turns his gun on Julia.  He reveals that he himself was possessed by the body jumper and forced to kill the rest of his family.  Ian gives Bo a perfect opening when he declares, “you don't know what it's like to have something inside of you, something you just can't control.”  Bo shares the fact that she knows all too well and offer her help.  Body jumped Julia takes this moment to rise, levitating off the couch.  Bo takes the opportunity to remove the family with an awesomely blue-eyed “I've got this.”

Back at Lauren's diner of love, Crystal delivers her tips with as much physical contact as possible.  If nothing else this girl is crazy persistent.  Lauren explains that she's got a lot going on but asks Crystal how she ended up there.  Crystal gives a tragic monologue about bad luck and unfulfilled dreams before showing Lauren the small farm she has her eye on in an effort to turn her big dreams into small ones.  Lauren's doe-eyed expression suggests this might just have done the trick and Crystal unconvincingly admits defeat before inviting Lauren for beer, pizza and venting at her address, written on the napkin she gave Lauren her tips in.  That girl is smooth.

The succubus on body jumper fight is in full swing and as Bo tries to avoid hurting Julia, Dyson just jumps right on in and grabs her.  Julia is immediately back to normal as being snuck up on by a werewolf will scare any body jumper right out of its shell.  Their reunion hug is interrupted by possessed Cleo and her knife.

After Hours Lauren has wasted no time in heading to Crystal's with beer and pizza and is welcomed warmly by her underwear-clad co-worker.

At body jumper HQ the sneaky fae jumps from Cleo to Julia before plaintively calling the elder Jenkins and hastily slitting Kathy's throat.  The cut doesn't seem too deep though as Ian seems to be stemming the bleeding while Cleo instructs on an appropriate plant to fix her.  There are a few Starks out there that could really have used that advice thanks Cleo.  Bo's transcendental tummy ache chooses this moment to flare up but she fights through and heads out on a botanical pursuit.

The party is in full swing at casa Crystal with her and Lauren tipsily discussing the things they wish they could just forget.  For Crystal this is the three cars she hit then drove away from (vehicular irresponsibility is hilarious when you're drunk!), for Lauren it's “the master I had for five years who kept me in indentured servitude.”  So basically regular girl stuff.  Crystal asks what they would have left if they actually could forget all the bad.  The ladies decide on a pretty good answer to this.

Things progress pretty quickly from there and it warms my heart somewhat that the first sex scene of season four (can you believe it took three episodes?) is Lauren and somebody likable but not Bo. Afterwards Crystal adorably tells Lauren “you know I would've been fine with just beer and pizza right?” and I verdantly pray that bad things do not lie ahead for her.

Julia's possession meanwhile has progressed to the wandering aimlessly and screaming stage when Bo sucks the jumpy out of her.  This sends her on a vision quest through time in which she meets a former slave of house Jenkins and current body jumping monster. 

Said monster explains that she was accused of being a witch when she was really just a friendly elemental.  Her white fiance still loved her but another epically mustached man was less impressed and fired a shotgun through them both.  She informs Bo that she and Noah were kept apart forever and she won't be stopping until the Jenkins line does.

Evony is trying out her new eye and her old lips on Massimo.  He is confused but she was really just using kissing to distract him before she monologues about how Bo is responsible for all that's wrong in her life.  Once informed that Bo is already gone she declares that she will do “everything” in a manner so dastardly I'm surprised she doesn't have a cat.

Bo's internal struggle yields the revelation that the jumpy (that's actually what this creature is called) may be appeased by allowing her bones and Noah's to be together.  When their unused wedding rings are found amongst the bones Dyson decides an impromptu ghost wedding is in order.  Ghosts (and body jumpers that are somehow not the same as ghosts) love weddings just for them and this pair immediately turn into floaty blue light that rises above Bo and Dyson. 

The following morning Lauren arrives at work in a chipper mood until she learns that somebody has been calling and asking for Karen.  You'd think if they've done this well at tracking her they might also be able to find out what name she's going by.  I've never had to track down a doctor who's on the run from the fae though so what do I know?

Either the fight with the jumpy lasted the entire night or Bo, Dyson and Cleo had a nice Jenkins sleepover once it was done.  Either way, it's morning and Bo says a touching goodbye to Julia and again compares her personality (and testicle size) to Kenzi's.  Hey guys, I don't know if you noticed but Julia is kind of filling in for Kenzi this week. 

Lauren's morning has taken a turn for the serious as she shows up at Crystal's for a morning after farewell.  I wonder how many times lovers have pulled the old I-need-to-leave-town-because-I'm-being-hunted line on Crystal?

Cleo is so excited about Bo being back that she decides to pull a knife on her instead of the ear-blowing trick.  Fortunately the jumpy already filled Bo in on the double cross and healed her so Cleo simply got a taste of the succubus suck and was left dazed but alive as “dying with a smile?  That is much too good a fate for you.”

During a sleepy drive home we learn that both Bo and Dyson have forgotten about ever being on the train but Bo vows to find out what transpired in the time she was missing.

In a show of excellent judgment, Lauren has decided hitchhiking is the best way to escape those hunting her.  Isn't she supposed to be smart?  Fortunately the driver that pulls over turns out to be Crystal and I got pretty excited about these two taking the show on the road.  I got excited because I briefly forgot what I was watching but as Crystal apologizes to Lauren, who gets grabbed from behind, I am reminded.  How cute was it when Lauren got to be happy for a few moments you guys?  She really could have looked in the backseat before getting in though, that's like Hitchhiking 101 right there.

Oh but look!  Here come Bo and Dyson in their car!  I guess she really hadn't moved that far away?  Or the nowhere train just deposited them in the same town as Lauren?  Either way, our favorite fae are not feeling the good samaritan today as Dyson is eager treat Bo's transcendental sickness and they just cruise on by.

I really enjoyed this episode!  I missed Kenzi and am really looking forward to Tamsin's return but I'm excited for the gang to be back together soon. 

Next week: Lauren's hair is back!  Also some other stuff might happen but I don't care because Lauren's hair is back!  

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