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I Have Found The Best Wallet Ever for the Purse-Averse Lesbian

I Have Found The Best Wallet Ever for the Purse-Averse Lesbian

And they're earth-friendly too!

Last week I was in NYC for work.  Before leaving on said work trip, I almost lost my credit card and ID three separate times within the span of two days (according to my girlfriend, everything both bad and good always happens in three's).  This is true.  What is also true is that ever since I renounced carrying around a purse with me everywhere, I have been in constant danger of losing my important cards.  This is because I insist on only carrying my credit card and driver's license in the back pocket of my jeans/shorts everywhere.  I also carry my phone in my back pocket, which leads to a lot of pulling in and out of all three.  I realize that this is a very ineffective and potentially dangerous way to carry said items...they've fallen out in grocery stores, my car, the beach, the pool, and almost met their fate in many a toilet bowl.  

"So why don't you just carry a purse?" says the entire world collectively.  Because I don't really like purses.  I used to carry around a giant purse that had everything I owned save a hair dryer in it, and after awhile it just became a drag.  Purses are heavy, they collect weird shit, you don't need 90% of the stuff in them on a regular basis, and when you lose them you really lose EVERYTHING.  I do have a purse that I like, and which has my makeup bag, perfume, etc.  But it lives in my car or my office and rarely comes with me to clubs, bars, restaurants, or adventures.  As a result of this, it is the cleanest purse I have ever owned.  But I had been getting to the end of my rope with the two-cards-back-pocket thing.  My girlfriend wisely pointed out that if I had, in fact, managed to permanently lose my ID last week, I wouldn't have been able to get a new one before flying (my passport is en route from DC on an expedite).  No ID, no boarding pass.  It was time to make a change.  

So what's a girl to do?  Luckily, my awesome friend Mackenna who graciously let me live on top of her for ten days in Brooklyn for the duration of my stay introduced me to a great brand that makes bags, accessories, and, yes, wallets, out of recycled bike tires.  So not only do I now have this rad little pouch that can hold my debit, credit, and ID cards as well as a little bit of cash, I am also saving the earth! (well, they are saving the earth, I'm just not into purses).  

The brand is called Green Guru.  Check 'em out!  Or, if you find yourself in the East Village of Manhattan, they sell the wallets at this cute little craft store which I can't remeber the name of.  I'm super helpful, I know.  I do know that it's near a place called "Big Gay Ice Cream."  Happy hunting!

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