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The Fosters Recap: Rosie Returns in this Explosive New Episode

The Fosters Recap: Rosie Returns in this Explosive New Episosde

The Fosters Recap: Rosie Returns in this Explosive New Episosde

Rosie O'Donnell and the Girls United crew return for what could be the last time.


We've got some bad news, Foster fans Lena is "out of town" this episode on a camping trip with Jude, and while we get a little Stef/Lena Facetime, it's just not the same. But that means more time for some kiddo action! Mariana is planning an elaborate double date with Hayley, Jesus, and Mariana's new potential boyfriend Mat. Mariana hasn't exactly told Mat their first date won't be one-on-one, but Stef okays the dinner, and it's a-go.


Rosie O'Donnell and Girls United is back, everyone! This week, Callie has returned to the house to help with "Community Day," where the girls basically convince the neighborhood they're not a dangerous threat. The members have made some considerable strides since we last left off, with aggressive, sarcastic Becca about to move back to her house and making amends with her mother. Additionally, arragements have been made for Cole to be moved to an LGBT house, only it's a bit of an inconvenient time, since Cole is having an in-house affair with a tough new girl, Dev.


Stef sits Jesus down for a little chat about his many intimate high school relationships and the speed at which he moved on from Emma. She's worried he's rushing into things, but he insists he's being responsible. Stef then checks in Brandon, who seems in a slump post-Dani Revelation. She wonders if he might benefit from therapy and wants him to know that he isn't to blame, but he isn't really buying the pep talk. Lastly, Stef checks in with Lena, who seems to be slowly starting to recover from losing the baby. She discusses the circle of life, and how being in nature how shown her that nothing is permanent. Stef changes the subject, letting her know that they got a letter from Ana asking to make amends with the kids, but she's shut the request down. Lena agrees, and that's the last we see of our Facetime fave.


Callie catches up with Kiara, and we learn that Kiara's foster family fell through and she's now pretty sure she'll have nowhere to go when she gets released. She's angry at Callie for having two families that want her, the Quinns and the Fosters, and when the conversation gets hostile, Callie storms off. That night, a Girls United neighbor, Steve, shows up to accuse the girls of trespassing on his property. Rita believes his alarms have been tripped by squirrels and personally invites Steve to Community Day. He's not having it and forshadowingly yells, "I am going to get you out of this house one way or another!" Rita discloses to Callie that Steve has been trying to get the neighbors to pressure the landlord not to renew the lease, and it's possible they'll lose the house if "Community Day" and other attempt to prove peaceful intentions fall through. When Callie goes outside, she runs into Dev and a mysterious man who runs off. Things are already off to a great start!


After the incident outside, Callie confronts Cole, believing him to buy using potentially seizure-inducing street hormones again and insisting he throw them away. The next day, the neighborhood comes by for "Community Day," where the group actively tries to convince the naive neighbors that drive-bys are probably unlikely, and the neighborhood has actually gotten more safe since security increased. Unfortunately, the lovely day is dampered when what gunshot-like sounds go off. It turns out to be fire cracker set off by an unknown source, but we can all remember when Steve made those eerie, foreshadowing comments...


That night, bandmate Lou stops by with a package for Brandon, but the delivery turns into an attempt at romance. Just as Lou goes in to kiss him, he ducks out and she takes it personally. She leaves, and Brandon is once again left alone. It's not the only date that goes badly, however. The double dinner date is off to a poor start from the get-go, with Jesus revealing that the twins in fact did know their birth mother and were raised by her until they were five. Mariana had told the dance team she never knew her parents, and Hayley is offended at the lie. In retaliation, Mariana lashes out at Hayley about lying to Jesus about the recent-ness of her parent's divorce announcement to get him to stay away from Emma. Hayley exits furiously before the soup course is even complete, but at least that means a little cozy alone-time for Mariana and Mat. He divulges that his father left when he was six, which he rarely tells anyone, and suddenly the sparks are flying.


The Girls United group circles up to talk about the firecracker incident, but Dev turns to conversation into an accusation that Callie only came to Community Day to be a sort of 'white savior' that could represent that group. Dev accuses Callie of not having an real problems, and suddenly Kiara stands up for her. Callie tries to leave that night, but Rita tells her she knows that Callie didn't just come back for Community Day. Callie sits down with Kiara and they both apologize for their behavior towards each other. Kiara knows something's up with Callie and that it probably has to do with Wyatt. Callie asks Kiara how long it took Kiara to have sex with someone after being raped, and then opens up about what's been going on. Kiara tells her respectfully that she needs to get help, but the heart-to-heart is interrupted when Dev storms in and accuses Callie of taking the drugs she thought were Cole's hormones. Callie doesn't know what she's talking about, but Dev's not buying it.


Callie approaches Cole more seriously after discovering he plans to run away from Girls United with Dev. She's sure that Dev doesn't really love Cole and isn't really gay, althought Cole shoots back, "Neither am I." Cole declares he needs to leave because he doesn't get treated like a man, and Callie points out that's exactly why Cole needs to go to the LGBT home, and that if Dev really loves him, she'll support that. Later, Dev accuses Callie of stealing her crystal and in the midst of the fight Cole announces he won't be running away with her after all. Dev turns out to not be at all supportive of Cole, declaring him a freak, and says she was just using him to run away to her real boyfriend.


Back at the Adams Foster house, Hayley admits that she was jealous of Emma and that's why she exaggerated the truth about her parent's divorce. Hayley admits she wants the relationship to be less about sex and more about dating, and asks Jesus if they can have a date. When Jesus says he has to study, she talks him out of it once again and says they should plan something "really special." Once Hayley's gone, Stef lets Jesus know that, from what she heard, Hayley seems to be manipulating him. Jesus gets back-talky when Stef gives him the very sound, important advice of not sacrificing his life for a girl and definitely doesn't seem to clue into the lesson.


That night after Dev runs away, Cole opens up to Callie about how stupid he feels about Dev and worries that no one will ever love a "freak." Callie tells him that she loves him, and that he's couragous for going after being the person he wants to be. But it's not Dev or neighbor Steve who threatens Girls United the most. Becca, who had a history of being abused by her mother's boyfriends, found out earlier in the day that her mother was dating someone new, and isn't handling the news too well. It turns out Becca was the one who stole Dev's drugs, and when she lights a match to use them, she accidentally sets the house on fire. The girls get out safely, but Rita runs back to drag the passed-out Becca from the basement. She struggles to carry her on her own, but Callie runs back to help and they manage to get her out in time.


As the girls and Cole recover, it's announced that they will be moved back to juvie until another group home can be found. It also looks like the lease definitely won't be renewed after this incident. Rita  pulls Callie aside to tell her never to try to be a hero again by doing something like running into the burning basement to save Becca. Callie asks if this is the end of Girls United, but Rita isn't sure. Stef arrives to pick Callie up and the two head home, leaving Girls United behind for what could be forever. Next week, it looks like there's going to be an intense Wyatt/Brandon/Liam face-off, with hopefully some closure for Callie. And of course, hopefully the return of Lena. Facetime is just not enough.





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