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5 Signs You're Becoming A Sister-Sister Couple

5 Signs You're Becoming A Sister-Sister Couple

5 Signs You're Becoming A Sister-Sister Couple

When 2 become 1.

When you date for long enough, you start to look and act more and more like your girlfriend. So similiar, in fact, that you might seem almost...related. As weird and kind of gross as it is, it’s completely inevitable; so don’t even bother trying to fight it. YouTuber, Arielle Scarcella, even made a video covering the phenomenon. There are a few signs that you’re becoming a sister-sister couple, but honestly, you’re probably already too far gone to save.


1) You wear more of her clothing than your own.

It started with a borrowed flannel shirt here, and a pair of jeans there. Now you can’t even remember which clothing you bought, which clothing she gave you, and which clothing you purchased together because the price tag was a little too hefty to buy without splitting it. 




2) You liked her haircut so much that you went to the same stylist.

You may not have asked for exactly the same cut, but all the hair stylist’s trademarks are there. You didn’t really start looking exactly like sisters until you held up a lock of her hair to your face while you were cuddling in bed, and decided her color would look great on you.



3) Sorting out your underwear on laundry day is a serious challenge.

Every time you have to figure out which pair of black boyshorts is yours and which are hers, you seriously regret splitting the cost on that four pairs for $25 sale. And, of course, you wonder how it’s even possible for two people to own so many pairs of black boyshorts in the first place.



4) You’ve adopted all of her mannerisms, and vice versa. 

You have a tick where every time you want to affirm something is correct, you answer, “For sure.” Now your girlfriend does too. She loves to call things she thinks are cool, “sick as hell.” Despite the fact that the phrase “sick as hell” was never in your vocabulary before, it’s now one of your most overused phrases.



5) You’re basically telepathic.

You’re way beyond finishing each other’s sentences at this point. All your friends marvel at your ability to accurately interpret vague questions like, “When you’re at that thing later can you get that…what’s it called? You know…that thing?” You return from work with a fresh lint roller and a pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream.


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