Litchfield Love: 10 Best Orange Is the New Black Sex Scenes that Make us Want to Binge Again 

Preston Max Allen

The newest season of Orange is the New Black is packed with intense drama, crushing heartbreak, and murderous betrayal. Oh, and there are also quite a lot of fantastically intimate moments between some of our favorite characters. So while we're happy to toast OITNB's intellectual brilliance, why not take a moment to acknowledge the more carnal pleasures of both season 1 and 2? Here are our Top 10 favorite OITNB sex scenes, and be warned, there are minor spoilers ahead, and it's NSFW. Enjoy!


10. Introducing Piper and Alex: Any apprehension we may have had about Orange Is the New Black was immediately washed away when we got our first glimpse of Alex and Piper getting cozy in the shower. Sure, there was a lot going on in the pilot (the whole 'getting arrested' thing was a major plot point), but when interspersed with several Piper/Alex hook-ups, we just knew we would never be able to tear ourselves away. We don't regret a moment of it and can't wait for the ultimate Piper/Alex season 3 reunion in our future. We know season 2 was just released but...can it please be next year already?

(Season 1, Episode 1, the whole damn episode)


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