14 Ways Orange is the New Black Characters Sum Up How We Feel About the Glorious Marriage Equality Ruling 

Preston Max Allen

Okay, so, you might have heard that this morning, after an epically long battle for equality, the Supreme Court finally legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states. 


1. No big deal, right? Yeah, ain't no thing.




3. The massiveness of this win is so intense it's almost hard to comprehend. Seriously, wait, marriage equality? In all of America? For real? This isn't just a dream, is it? Is everyone else experiencing this? Quick, to social media!


4. Okay, we seem to all be experiencing this, so we're pretty sure we're awake. Maybe a little shocked by just how much we're living through such an important time in history right now, but definitely awake.


5. After a lifetime of waiting, of feeling denied of our basic rights, of watching our friends get married around us...


6. Of sitting through hateful people's ignorant arguments about how we'd "destroy the sanctity of marriage..."


7. And waiting and waiting while our lives were on the line for this seemingly simple decision to be made...


8. The wait is over. The fight is finished. And WE WON.


9. So pop that champagne.


10. Leave the haters in your marriage equality dust.


11. Call your family and friends so you can celebrate together.


12. Hell, maybe even kiss your friends!


13. And hold your loved ones closer than ever. 


14. It's just a really good day and an even better future. So let's party!

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