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10 Amazing Lesbian and Bi Girl Sex Scenes Conveniently Found on Netflix (Part Two)

10 Amazing Lesbian Sex Scenes Conveniently Found on Netflix (Part Two)

10 Amazing Lesbian Sex Scenes Conveniently Found on Netflix (Part Two)

Because Netflix has changed, and so has its sex scenes.


Every once in a while, Netflix has a pretty substantial overhaul, and we are nothing if not hip with the times. While all of sex scenes from part one of this list are still just as glorious, things have changed enough to start keeping the spirit of timeliness alive. Because god forbid you go on Netflix expecting to watch I Can't Think Straight and be faced with the tragic realization that you just can't (think straight. Or find the movie on Netflix). But really, here's the good news: nearly all of the scenes from this list are still on Netflix. We're just adding a ton more, because we love you and Netflix loves us all. And even better, there are also plenty of wonderful queer lady films that don't have sex scenes that are very much worth watching nonetheless. Just hit up the Gay & Lesbian section. It's truly a treasure trove, and here are some choice gems!


10. My Normal (2009)

My Normal isn't about to win an in-retrospect Academy Award, but it is an oddly entertaining film about a lesbian dominatrix (though her clients are men) who wants to be a film maker. With that kind of synopsis, we could expect some pretty on-point sex scenes, but the first official one in the film is actually just a sensual, cute moment between the lead, Natalie, and a girl she meets at a club who soon becomes her girlfriend. Yay cute club hook-ups! Yay adorable dominatrixes who want to be film makers! Come for the kink, stay to find out if Natalie fulfills her filmmaking dreams.

9. Stud Life (2012)

Stud Life is about a wedding photographer who finds herself being forced to choose before her best friend and her lover, but during the choice-making process there's a lot of lovely intimacy (and some pretty hardcore drama) between her and her GF. These are mostly of the 'intense makeout' rather than 'go all the way on camera' variety, but there's enough of them in the first half hour to pretty much equal a full sex scene (cause there's sex math involved in the making of these lists, clearly), so we're counting it. There's also an in-depth conversation about the complexities of lesbian sex, and really, some of the other movies on Netflix could take a lesson.

8. And Then Came Lola (2009)

It's pretty much agreed that And Then Came Lola is not the best movie in the history of cinema, but we have to give kudos to a movie that basically decided to take the structure and some of the title of another film (Run Lola Run) and gay-ify it. We could think of a few other movies that cause use a remake with queer ladies (for instance, all of the movies ever), but we'll take what we can get. And because this is a sex scene list, if you do make it 20 minutes into this you'll get to a music video-esque exploration of a women's back tattoos as she sensually sleeps with her lover. Perhaps even better than that is the scene before, in which Lola trips and falls about as dramatically as possible on a sidewalk. You decide what's more entertaining, if you can even concentrate on anything more than that bold choice of a soundtrack. Just try. 

7. The Guest House (2012)

The Guest House is, once again, not the best movie ever made (there's certainly a 'low budget home movie' feel going on here) but this is a list of sex scenes and not the best movies in Netflix history so we'll accept the substantial flaws. The Guest House is pretty much about what the title suggests; a young woman becomes enthralled by her father's new employee who's staying in the guest house, and they start a friendship that, about forty minutes in, turns into so much more. There's a lot that's pretty great about their lengthy sex scene, including - but not limited to - knee high argyle socks. Now aren't you intrigued? 

6.  The Gymnast (2006)

The Gymnast is on this list maybe for a different reason then the others, but it's nonetheless amazing. In this film, a middle age ex-gymnast is struggling to reclaim her life and finds romance with a younger woman with whom she's started training with as an aerialist team. They do manage a cool, rope-entwined kiss, but the real fun comes in a backyard pool when their first sex scene happens essentially offscreen and is solely represented by a bobbing wine glass in the water. Oh yes, you can hear the sex scene, but all you get to see is this bobbing glass of wine that ultimately gets swept off the screen in a wave of what we can only assume is fueled by mad love-making. That we never get to see, but is feet away from what we are focusing on. Truly, you don't need a sex scene to make a good movie, but do you need a bobbing wine glass? Maybe you do.

5. You Will Be Mine (2009)

The French title of this film, Je te mangerais, literally translates to 'I Could Eat You' in French, so we know what's up here right off the bat. Lo and behold, about a half hour in a frustrating piano practicing session turns into a different kind of exercise between two room mates with a dangerous attraction to each other. Things don't end up super well for these two, but if you're looking for a queer French stalker romance featuring some lovely piano music (and who isn't, really?), this one's for you!

4. Young & Wild (2012)

This is a Chilean film about a young, bisexual girl whose parents are definitely wrong in thinking she's a conservative virgin. But the world knows better, as she keeps a blog documenting her experimentation with herself and others, as well as exploring and questioning more about her religious background. She also starts documenting her relationship with her friend Antonia, which begins about an hour into the film with a lovely little intimate sex scene. Ah, to once again be young & wild. 

3. Happy End (2014)

Lakeside, sand-surrounded sex scene, anyone? And don't worry, the ladies will later acknowledge just how inconvenient (/romantic...?) sex on the beach can be. For a movie called Happy End, the ending is aggressively unhappy, but at least we can fondly remember that moment on the beach about an hour and 8 minutes in when the most of their problems was sex sand. 

2. Anatomy of a Love Seen (2014)

We've written about Anatomy of a Love Seen before, as it made it to #1 of this year's '5 Oscar-Worthy Lesbian Sex Scenes' list. The film, about two former co-stars whose sex scene reshoots become a little more difficult after their breakup, dominated the competition due to basically being one long sex scene in itself, with a pretty intense plot and some solid acting too. Consider this some anatomy of love you need to see.

1. Lianna (1983)

We're takin' it back to the 80s, ya'll, and this is a pretty damn stellar moment. In Lianna, a married woman starts an affair with her child psychology instructor, and it only but a half hour before things heat up. Like, really heat up. Like, nothing is left to the imagination-level heating up. Thanks, 80s queer cinema. You really do take the cake. Also, Lianna doesn't seem to have a trailer online, so you can enjoy the 8-minute segment above or just hurry over to Netflix right now. Go go go!


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