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4 Times When Ruby Rose Spoke the Truth Everyone Needed to Hear

4 Times When Ruby Rose Spoke the Truth Everyone Needed to Hear

4 Times When Ruby Rose Spoke the Truth Everyone Needed to Hear

The latest controversy around the star reveals more of her than you've seen before.

The latest controversy raging around Orange Is The New Black star, Ruby Rose is about her body. And although many fans have some very reasonably positive feelings about the star's body, this issue focuses on her, and her rights to it, directly. 

At the core of the issue is an... issue of Untitled Magazine. More notably, the dilemma centers around photography by the photographer Dani Brubaker, and an 8 month old interview with the magazine, in its latest issue to hit stores. But perhaps this is better related in the openly lesbian and gender fluid star's own words:



A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on


Ruby Rose used that platform to directly address fans, saying "Please if you are a fan of mine boycott this issue. Or you are buying into greedy, exploitative propaganda".

Her calls to boycott the magazine have resulted in some to-and-fro between the editor, Indira Cesarine, and the magazine's twitter account. But Ruby Rose has some return, using her broad Instagram fan base to draw attention to their reply on Twitter, and expressing outrage at their use of her objections to release the interview with her from a number of months prior - a time period she considers to make the interview no longer contextually appriorate or relevant.



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But shock, outrage, and calls to ban an image of party visible breasts aside, we think that editor has one thing wrong. Part of her objection in this report revolved around claiming that "After she [Rose] has done full frontal nudity on her show, these images are tame compared to what she has done on television."


Uh, incorrect, we say. Ruby Rose's body is her own, and no matter what has happened before, she gets to make the rules about what happens to it, and how it's presented. That's how consent works, everyone. It's pretty easy.


So we decided that the best way to respond was to collect for you a list of times when Ruby Rose's real ideas about bodies and who we each get to be made us pretty damn proud of her, and ourselves. Feel the self-love. Obviously, the above statement is #1.


Here are a few more...



2. She acknowledged the struggle that can happen inside our own skins, just to be seen. (And given it's also Bi Visibility Week, now is a pretty good time to read this).





3. She released a video that covered her own take on gender fluidity and, agree or disagree, it is a striking clip full of the star's distinctive personality:

And that video release coincided with a statement on Facebook, when she spoke directly to the lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans and queer community, saying: 

"guess what... you can be whoever you are and like whoever you like and WE should spread the love and acceptance we constantly say we don't receive."



4. And last of all

30 Years of Out100Out / Advocate Magazine - Jonathan Groff and Wayne Brady

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