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Evan Rachel Wood's Bisexuality Q and A With Nylon Is a Must-Read

Evan Rachel Wood's Bisexuality Q and A with Nylon is a Must-Read

Evan Rachel Wood's Bisexuality Q and A with Nylon is a Must-Read

And also maybe a must-send to people who still don't get it.


Earlier this month, Evan Rachel Wood took to Twitter to bring many truths about bisexuality, bi erasure, and biphobia to light. Her educational, respectful, and enlightening tweets became very personal when she started discussing her own feelings about her place as a bisexual person in the LGBT community, and they struck a chord with many others as well. News outlets (including us) picked up her story and blasted it across the internet, and hopefully her messages were heard loud and clear, especially by those who didn't previously understand them. Recently, Nylon also decided the world needed to know more and reached out to Evan for an in-depth interview that discusses misconceptions about bisexuality, a breakdown of vocabulary, and how she overcame bi-shame. Said Evan:

"I realized I was happier when I just accepted myself. I stopped feeling like I had to prove my 'queerness.' I knew who I was and that was enough. Also just noting that some people view the word queer as offensive. Some embrace it and identify with it. I always liked the word when it wasn't being used in a derogatory way. So to be clear, I am using it in a non-derogatory sense."

Evan's comments on Twitter especially touched on how it can be difficult to feel accepted even within the LGBT community. When asked how we can all work to be better allies, Evan shared:

"Try not to judge someone before you really know their story. Be good to people who are good to you. And don’t let bad experiences with certain people taint your perception of an entire group of people. That’s how extreme points of view take over and bigotry is born."

The Nylon interview also touched heavily on general misconceptions about bisexuality as a "gateway" to homosexuality, a belief that Evan eloquently unraveled in detail: 

"For some, it is a gateway. Some people go through more of a transition, for whatever reason they feel. But just because you once identified as bisexual and now you identify as gay, doesn't mean every bisexual is just 'afraid to come all the way out.' Your experience is your experience...When I am with a man, I am not straight. When I am with a woman, I am not gay. I am always bi. I am always me. I can’t 'pick a side' or 'shut one down.' One is not better than the other. They are just different. The only choice I make is the choice to be happy by letting go and just being myself."

Definitely take the time to check out the whole interview right hereOnce again, Evan Rachel Wood has really knocked some effective education out of the park. 


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