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WATCH: How Deep Is Her Love? Woman Learns to Scuba Dive to Propose to Girlfriend

WATCH: How Deep Is Her Love? Woman Learns to Scuba Dive to Propose to Girlfriend

WATCH: How Deep Is Her Love? Woman Learns to Scuba Dive to Propose to Girlfriend

Markie Beth didn't go to incredible heights to pop the question, she learned how to dive.

Even if you have seen all the top videos when it comers to elaborate marriage proposals, you haven’t seen what we found down deep at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Well, just 60-feet down, really, but as MTV reported, this is a heartwarming tale of lady love under the sea.

Markie Beth works in the film industry, so perhaps it’s no surprise she dreamed up a big production to pop the question to her girlfriend, Sarah, and sweep her off her feet — or in this case, flippers.

“Sarah has been scuba diving for about eight years now, and I’ve always been interested but never taken the time to get certified,” Markie told BuzzFeed News.

According to the website, Markie took scuba diving lessons in secret for six months to prepare to surprise Sarah underwater.

“I was getting up very early, going to a friend’s house to get all my gear, going to classes and doing dives, then coming back to the friend’s house, showering, completely drying my hair, and then putting product in so it didn’t look like I’d just washed my hair, then going home.”

The big day was Saturday, June 13. Sarah thought she was just going on a regular dive with her brother and some friends in the Pacific off Redondo Beach, Calif. One of them brought along a camera, which isn't so unusual. But Sarah had no idea Markie was there too; her familiar features were hidden by all the scuba gear.

Once underwater, Markie maneuvered to her girlfriend and used a series of signs to ask Sarah to marry her.

“I told you I’d go to the bottom of the ocean for your love … but right now I’m only certified to 60 feet,” said Markie’s signs leading up to the ultimate question: “Will you marry me?” 

Sarah told BuzzFeed News that she was initially just really confused to see Markie underwater, not understanding how she could be scuba diving.

Of course, a very surprised Sarah said yes, and the entire thing was recorded with the underwater video camera.

But true to form, as soon as they broke the surface, Sarah made a comment about diving safety. 

“Typically, good safety protocol means that everyone involved knows exactly what’s going to happen on the dive, and my dive buddies and I pride ourselves in making sure we plan very safe dives,” she said.

“This dive started out no different. But when I realized that everyone else knew exactly what was happening, and how much planning must have been involved, I was astonished. “It wasn’t in my dive plan to surface with a fiancé!”

Once they were back on solid — well, sandy, ground, Markie knelt on one knee and asked again, handing Sarah a ring.

Their wedding is set for next year.

Watch the full video from YouTube below.

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