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10 Ways 'Sailor Moon' Was Way Gayer Than You Remember

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'SK8's Howard Wang Talks Asian Rep and Queer Fans Loving Reki & Langa

One of the stars of the beloved Funimation anime chats with PRIDE about Asian representation and why queer fans love the show so much! 

TikTok Breaks Down Which Pokémon Are Gays, Lesbians & Homophobes

Machamp is totally "a twink turned muscle gay who became addicted to steroids!" 

Symone's Team Rocket Cosplay Is a Nerdy, Queer Dream Come True

If you don't already stan the Drag Race season 13 queen, what are you doing with your life?!?

These Are the Queer Ships the Internet Was Most Obsessed With in 2020

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Live-Action 'Cowboy Bebop' Casts Nonbinary Actor to Play Gren

Broadway star Mason Alexander Park landed the part of nonbinary character Gren in Netflix's adaption of the iconic anime series!

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These Celebrities Won Halloween 2020

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This Sailor Neptune Cosplayer Doesn't Care What Haters Think

"Cosplay gives you the opportunity to be whatever you want to be. Take this chance," says French cosplayer Leo Bane.

Can Nerds Be Sexy? This Artist's Photos Prove They Are

Photographer Fwee Carter wants to change the way we look at nerds—one sexy photograph at a time.