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The 13 Best & Most Empowering Things About Being Bisexual

There are so many GOOD things that come from being bisexual, and honestly, they’re not discussed enough.

15 Historical Icons You Didn't Know Were Bisexual

The world wouldn't be the same without the contributions of these bi icons!

14 YA Novels With Bisexual Characters You'll Love No Matter Your Age

Young adult books are bringing some awesome bi representation to the table.

13 Celebrities Who Came Out As Bisexual in 2020

These notable celebs are bringing some much-needed bi visibility to the mainstream just by being themselves!

8 Reasons We Need to Talk About Bisexual Women & Mental Health

It's time to stop silencing bi women.

12 Problems Bisexual Girls Deal With

From unaccepting family members to friends that just don't get it, it can be hard navigating the world as a bi girl.

22 Things You Should Read for Bisexual Awareness Week

In honor of Bisexual Awareness Week, we compiled our favorite must-reads!

5 Tips for Those Struggling to Come Out as Bisexual

Coming out is never easy, but it can be one of the most relieving and fulfilling experiences. 

7 Notable People Who Came Out as Bisexual This Year

These bi celebs are openly living their most authentic lives!

Bi People Explain the Importance of Bi Week and Being Visible

Bisexual people talk about how crucial Bi Week is in this Planned Parenthood-produced video.

It's Not Okay to Be Jealous Because Your Partner Is Bi

It's also not cute.

Is the Term 'Bisexual' Transphobic? A Fact Check

Does identifying as bi make you anti-trans? It's a growing debate in the LGBT community but the answer is more complicated than this writer first anticipated.

5 Awesome Shirts to Show Off Your Bisexual Pride

Every day is Bi Visibility Day when you’re wearing these shirts.

We Can't Stop Watching Gaga in Her Grunge Glory in This 'Perfect Illusion' Video

Gaga can do anything, and wow, can she rock out. 

Yes, Halsey Is Bi and No, You Can't Tell Her What That Looks Like

NEWS FLASH: (Sexuality ≠ Gender Expression)

How Edna St. Vincent Millay Helped Me Discover My Bisexuality

When I discovered in high school that my favorite poet was openly bisexual, I began to question my sexuality.